The Importance of Exercising: 5 Way To Motivate Your Child


Getting kids away from computer screens, iPads, televisions, and exercising is no small task with today’s kids.

According to KidsHealth regular exercise is important to help muscle and bone growth, stay lean and fight off obesity, relieves stress, and gives kids a better outlook on life. Exercise release endorphins that promote happiness and helps reduce stress. Exercise is vital to children to keep them from getting in a sedimentary lifestyle that will be much harder to get out of later in life.

A report from Parents about 10 Benefits of Physical Activity states that kids who regularly exercise are 80% more likely to keep healthier habits throughout adulthood. The numerous benefits of your children exercising make it worth you while to focus on getting them up and moving.

So, in this article, I will try and give you some creative ideas to get your kids to exercise.



Here is a list of 5 Ways To Motivate Your Child To Exercise Daily that should help bring relief to you child.


1. Schedule the Activities

The first step to getting your kids off the couch and moving is making time for it. This schedule is not just for you kids it’s for you too. Children are far more likely to enjoy the activities if you are involved with your 100% undivided attention.

To make the schedule keep in mind to add variety so kids can look forward to different activities each day. I will give you a lot of different ideas be sure not to do the same thing over and over. When putting the events into your calendar add notes describing the activities. Adding notes allows you plan and also lets your kids see what they can look forward to doing.

Super Parenting Tip– Create a calendar or share yours with them. Having a calendar when kids are young promotes organization skills, gives authority to the action (it’s in the schedule we need to do it) and lets them start learning about plans and timing.


2. Don’t Dismiss the Oldies but Goodies

There are three aspects to exercising flexibility, endurance, and strength. Some of the good ole games like Twister, freeze tag, a game of basketball horse, and hide-and-go-seek all promote one aspect of all three. Not to mention they are a lot of fun to play if done right! Try and think of things you liked as a kid and you will be surprised by how much your kids like the same activities.


3. Promote Exercise During Down Times

Get creative during times when nobody is doing anything. What do we mean? Say everyone is getting out of the car. Usually, everyone would just walk into the house, right? Make it into a race, but not just any regular race add twists like “The first one to get a spoon, toothbrush, and sock and bring them back to kitchen wins!” Competition is one of the most motivating factors in the human psyche use that to your advantage. In the middle of commercials while watching TV? Sounds like the perfect time to see who can do the most push-ups before the show is back on!


4. Let Your Kids Pick!

Letting your kids choose activities goes all the way back to schedule. While putting together activities to do, make sure to let your children pick which ones they want to add on the calendar. An excellent example of this is my bestie has three kids, and each gets their two very own days to pick what is done. The seventh day is a wildcard day, and that covers all the days of the week.


5. Track the Progress!

Kids love recognition, and nothing shows more attention that a big board of achievement. Have your kids help you decorate and put together a way to track progress. It also helps if there is a reward at different milestones. Some ideas are check boxes, and once an activity is complete, then you check it off and a reward of some kind is given. If you child responds more to competetion keep a list of best times, amount of games won, and other winning tallies.

The important things to remember is each kid is different and responds to different motivational tactics better. Try a wide variety of actions and see what is most effective with your little one. Once you have an idea of what motivates your kid play to that motivation and enjoy the time you get to play/exercise with them!


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