5 Tips For Packing Lunches for Picky Eaters

5 Tips For Packing Lunches For Picky Eaters

Do you spend every morning packing lunches for your kids?  If you’re anything like my family, you do.  On top of that daily hassle, we have to get creative – packing lunches for picky eaters! To be fair, Rose is a lot less picky than Emma.  She’ll eat fruits and vegetables with much less hassle. […]

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Grand Reopening of Kingston’s Victoria Park

Grand Reopening of Kingston's Victoria Park

*This post is sponsored by TD and the TD Common Ground Project.  All opinions are my own, or that of my family.* TD has been generously celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday – or Sesquicentennial, which is a word I now love!  The TD Common Ground Project is revitalizing urban green spaces in many communities across Canada. Here […]

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5 Things I’ve Learned About Google Analytics

Learned Google Analytics

Have you noticed Google Analytics has changed it’s look?  I’m not sure exactly when that happened, but I’m so glad it did! In fact, just today I noticed they’ve added an “Ask a Question” box.  While I think that’s great, it still doesn’t quite help me.  I think that’s because I’m still not 100% comfortable […]

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