New Year, New Blog Goals!

New Year

Welcome to 2017!

Now that we’re in a fresh, new year I thought I’d share some of my hopes and plans for my blog.  

When I started blogging I really had no idea what I was doing.  I just wanted to basically write down my life, and the stuff I was getting up to with my kids, and hope some people might want to read about it.  That was fine at the time, but now that I know more about blogging, and how this whole thing works, I’m trying to focus my blog a bit more.

In this new year I want to help other working parents by sharing my experiences and creating content with a focus on real life, family life, and ways to maximize the little time you have as a family.  Being a working mom (and then also a blogger) means that my time is sometimes stretched really thin.  I’m no expert in time management, or really anything for that matter, but I want to learn along with you, my readers.

Here are a few things I want to happen for my blog in this brand new year:

  • Get, and keep, my pageviews over 1200.
  • Increase my Twitter following over 5000 – I’d love to participate in campaigns I’ve seen go by that my numbers are too low for!
  • Get my Facebook following over 500.  This feels lofty to me because I’ve JUST passed the 200 followers threshold and that’s taken me over a year…
  • Keep publishing two posts per week, with the odd 3rd post as time permits.
  • Grow my email subscribers.  I need to come up with a better email list plugin and then some ideas to actually send out emails!
  • Increase my focus on local events that are family friendly in the Kingston area – and try to go to some of them!
  • I’m still new with posting videos on social media so I want to explore that avenue a little more.
  • Do less book reviews.  I love reading but I miss reading what I want to read.  One review a month is where I’m heading, although I’m working through a bit of a backlog at the moment!
  • Have fun and learn a little something!

new yearI’m sure there are other goals I’ve thought about as far as my blog is concerned, but these are the big ones.  Do you have big plans for your blog this year?  Or any tips for me?  I’m struggling on Facebook most of all (besides that I can’t get people to join my email list) so any hints there would be amazing!

A new year means new beginnings, new plans, and new ideas.  Make this year your year.  I wish you all the successes in the world, in your blog, your job(s) and your lives!





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    1. I really need to look into ways to entice people to join my mailing list. I know offering a “freebie” is a good way, but I don’t know what I could offer! I’m still meditating on that. Thanks for the comment Pam!

    1. It’s nice when you finally get an idea of what you’re trying to achieve. I think I may have had that moment – now I have to figure out how to keep my blog streamlined in that regard! Best of luck to you in sorting it all out!

  1. I am a beginner at blogging and work full time and often find it hard to get motivated to even start my blog! Im happy that i read your blog post. Its very inspiring!!!

    1. Thanks! It really is a lot of work. It’s something I have to almost sneak in time for. Between parenting and working my blog does get neglected by times. But if I want to succeed I have to make time for it! I appreciate your kind words. 🙂

  2. I’m a working mom and a blogger as well. It can be hard to juggle things, and I’m afraid I didn’t do too well with that last year. I”m recommitting myself to that this year. I’ve liked your facebook page to put you one step closer to 500!

    1. Sometimes I just need some motivation to keep on top of everything. I don’t like feeling overwhelmed, but a year is a long time. I tried not to make my goals unattainable! Thanks for your comment Kristin!

  3. Loving your blog goals! I definitely am in the same place with many of those! And good idea about book reviews — reading is great and fun, but reviews are a lot of work! I used to do them for a bit. Congrats and good luck in 2017!

    1. Ya, my book reviewing has to stay fun or I really lose interest. And I don’t want to saturate my blog with reviews. So cutting back is my plan (for now at least!) Thanks for the kind words. I wish you luck in 2017 as well Alex!

    1. It’s a bit helpful hearing that others struggle with Facebook as well. Although no one seems to have a really great tip. I guess we’ll just keep plodding along and see how it goes! Thanks for the comment.

  4. Great goals and ones you can definitely achieve! I’ve always found Facebook to be the trickiest of all the social media outlets – I much prefer Twitter and Instagram, they are easier to navigate and people seem to engage a bit more with me on them. I am also interested in doing local events/ family attractions – I would recommend emailing a bunch of ones directly – explaining who you are and what you can do #stayclassymama

    1. Thanks for the tip Sarah! It seems like the “nice” season is so far away, but I really should start investigating the local attractions I’d love to visit with the family. Good luck engaging with your local events as well!

  5. Good luck with your blogging goals for this year. I too find Facebook a bit of a mysterious entity but am not prepared to pay to promote my posts. One tip to grow followers on Facebook that is working (albeit slowly) for me is to invite people who comment on posts to like your page. Not everyone responds but if you look back on the comments and do that every month you may find that you gain some new followers :o)


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