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This blog has been up for 2 months or so.  I love it.  It’s giving what I need, or almost.  I have an older blog that I started a little over a year ago, and I loved it too, but now that I’ve refocused and upgraded to a blog that gives me more control I love it so much more.  The idea of sharing things from my life, blogging my way through parenthood, is empowering and relaxing for me at the same time.

But why did I start a blog in the first place?

BloggingMy prime reason was my daughter.  Emma chose to enrol herself in a self-esteem/acting/modelling course with Mode Elle here in Kingston.  She was 6 at the time but we let her decide if she thought it was something she wanted to do after having a visit with the place and the people.  So then I thought it would be fun to follow Emma and share my “stage mom” life with whomever was interested.

Fast forward a year and Mode Elle is not exactly what we had hoped it would be.  I’ve actually created a post with some of my gripes about Mode Elle here, but we’re sticking with them (and their staffing and branding changes) for a little while yet.  Emma really enjoys the fashion shows here at the mall (likely because it’s really all she gets to do in this world right now.)  *Update – because I expressed my dislike of Mode Elle they have since “released” Emma from her contract and called me “rude” and “disrespectful.”  All I did was ask a few questions and expect a reply before 2 weeks were up.  Frankly I’m glad, as I don’t want to deal with a company who treats their clients as if their questions are trivial. End rant*

While I expect there will be many things to be backstage of (the girls do both dance with Kingston School of Dance) in the future, I shifted my blog more onto me and away from the girls specifically.  So now my blog focus is on me, my family life, my time-management skills (or lack thereof!) as a working mom, and some reviews and travel posts all from a family friendly angle.

This slant gives me so much more opportunity to create posts and share stories of things from my daily life.  I often am inspired in the middle of the day over something the girls did, or something I read on social media that really resounded with me, or even a passing thought while I’m at work, and I have to take a moment and jot it down so when I get a chance to do some blogging, those ideas are all still there.  Otherwise my mind is a sieve and all those thoughts and ideas just drain away.

I have just gotten my own feet wet in the world of acting.  I worked with Curious You Productions locally a few weeks ago.  I hope to continue with a bit of on-the-side acting if I can find it.  This could give me lots to blog about so stay tuned!

Blogging is relaxing for me – unless my husband is sitting next to me asking “What’re you doing?” every 2 minutes.  But even he gets that I need to do this sometimes.  The less relaxing part for me is having to belong to all the social media.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to be a part of all of that social sharing, but when it starts to feel like a job (for which I am getting zero pay!) I quickly tire of it.

I want to know why YOU started blogging.  Was there one thing that started it for you?  Or maybe you, like me, were inspired by your children.  Please share in the comments – I want to know my audience better.  And thanks for reading!


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  1. I started blogging because, as a busy mummy, I sometimes just don’t get the opportunity to think! My blog gives my thoughts a space to breathe and for me to ponder stuff that interests me. Glad you’re enjoying your new focus and sorry that it had to come out of disappointing circumstances #bigpinklink

    1. Thanks Lucy! I’m not really too disappointed – as I said in one of my posts on the subject, I knew in my heart of hearts it wasn’t going to really be for us anyway. I like the blog and I mostly like writing about whatever I feel like. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I was told I was a good storyteller, and for only $30 a month, my”friend” would help me get started making all kinds of money blogging like he was. I declined the pyramid scam but decided that maybe I’d make a go at blogging anyway. 18 months later, I’m still at it #puddinglove

    1. Hey Jeremy – don’t you love those pitches? Glad to hear you decided to try out blogging anyway! Keep up the good work, and thanks for the comment. 😀

  3. Great reasons to blog. And I completely agree! I started 3 months ago and am completely addicted! It is a release. It is hard work at times, but so worth it! Glad you are enjoying it and your’e doing a great job. #puddinglove

    1. Thanks for the comment Rebecca. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who uses blogging as a outlet. Sometimes I really have to step back and think about what I’m trying to say as I get caught up in the moment, and the words. I say keep doing it as long as you love it!

  4. I originally started my blog, because people had complimented me on my confidence, drive and ambition. Yet, at times, I felt like I had none of those qualities. But I push myself; I take risks because I envision a better life. I have goals and dreams that I want to achieve. Sometimes, I make the wrong choices but I am learning. I started to blog to encourage myself to keep following my dream and if I empower others to make changes in their life – bonus!
    p.s. Found your blog from #ShareItSundays link up. 🙂

    1. You don’t learn nearly as much in life if you don’t make mistakes, am I right? My ultimate goal would be to make enough money to stay home and hang out with my daughters, but right now that definitely seems like a pipe dream. Thank you so much for the comment, and sharing your experience Rosie!

  5. I started blogging whilst on maternity leave with my second. I found being a parent to two young children was harder than I’d imagined and some days I needed an outlet to vent, cry, celebrate, moan etc. Especially with little adult interaction some days. Your girls are beautiful! Keep blogging! #bigpinklink

    1. Maternity leave felt like so much more work than being at work ever did for me. I can’t imagine starting something like a blog during that time. I do understand the want/need for the outlet for the wild post partum feelings! I think I had a little PPD myself.
      Thanks for the kind words, and the comment! Best of luck with your blog Becky!

  6. It’s always lovely to learn why someone started out and I wish you all the best with it. It sounds like you’ve got a plan now and I look forward to reading more about your acting! 🙂

    1. Thank you Morgan – and thanks for all the follows! I followed you back on all the platforms (I think!) Next week I have some more acting stuff coming up, so stay tuned for more posts about that!

  7. A very good question, I’ve always loved writing and then I read a few blog posts and really felt like it was something I could do. And lo, my blog was born! I know what you mean about it being a chore sometimes, it really does feel it some days! Thanks for joining us at the #bigpinklink

    1. That’s similar to my first exposure to blogs, Lousie! Read a few then thought – I could do this! I’m still struggling a bit with a “niche.” I love to write about so many things. I’m trying really hard to get into a writing schedule so I don’t feel like it’s a “chore” so often. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. It’s a great release, a bit of escapism too! You can say what you want with no attachment if you so wish.
    I like to write to find like minded people, show that “you are not alone” and my terror toddler does some hilarious shit!


    1. Isn’t it great when you can share those wild toddler moments with the world? I love the escapism aspect of writing too. Thanks for stopping by to comment!

  9. Writing is such a release isn’t it. I write for a living so when I had my second child I had a real urge to keep the energy and love of writing up! Keep writing, it’s a great thing to do. #StayClassyMama

    1. I don’t plan to stop writing any time soon! It really is a release – and a distraction sometimes when you’ve had a long day. Thanks so much for the comment!

  10. For me it was to help with my PND and to have somewhere to channel my thoughts. I love it and its turned into much more than that. Its such a release to be able to write and share. Thanks for linking with #PuddingLove

    1. It makes me happy to hear you used it an outlet but loved it so much you’re still doing it! Sharing my experiences makes me very happy as well. Thanks for the comment!

  11. Blogging is such a great outlet! I started my blog because I thought I was going to need something to help my sanity while on maternity leave, turns out having a baby is VERY time consuming. Although I have always wanted to start a blog, I think I finally found a topic I can be passionate about. : ) Happy 2 Month Blogiversary! Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

    1. There is no way I could have put in the time for a blog when my first baby was born. I don’t really even like to think back on those days. Nobody slept and she nursed non-stop. I’m so glad we’re way past that now! I love writing my family and my momlife. It’s quite therapeutic! Thanks for the comment.

  12. I’ve bee going around two months too. I guess I started to give me a sense of purpose , something that wasn’t kids or work. Can’t believe how crap that mode Elle crowd seem – bit steep if they can’t handle a few questions ! Hopefully your daughter will move on to bigger and better things ! #stayclassymam

    1. My blog is definitely something I do for me, at a time when I feel like all I do is for everyone else! Thanks for your support, and your comment! I hope Emma can find something else she loves too.

  13. I just started blogging, threeboysandahusband.wordpress.com
    I work full time as a teacher but have summers off. With an 11 month old and 2 school age kudos, things are busy but I find it so therapeutic.

    1. Truthfully I think having summers off would be both a blessing and a curse – you just get used to being at home with your kids and then it’s time to go back to work again! But untold fun things can be done during those fleeting summer months. I hope your summer continues to be great! Thanks for the comment.

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