7 Things to Know At Dance Performance Time

7 Things to Know at Dance Performance Time

Every June we have a week from hell.  It culminates in a beautiful pair of dance performances from our daughters, but it’s the longest week of the year. Our dance school, Kingston School of Dance, puts on an amazing end-of-year dance performance each year.  It’s even performed at the Grand Theatre – and the kids […]

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Danse Les Airs Photos

I created a review style post about Kingston School of Dance’s 2016 performance.  It was beautiful as it always is!  This post is a collection of photos taken by my dad (Michael O’Brien) and my Brother-in-Law (Eric Stagg)  If you’d like to see more photos of the show you can visit Mark Aidan Bergin’s Facebook […]

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Every June is Busy

Somehow I forget that every June is busy.  The school year is coming to an end, extra-curriculars are wrapping up, and this year, with Rose being 5 now (!), in school and in a dance class that performs in the performance on the “big stage” it’s even busier than last year! Over the past few […]

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Ballet Class – 6 Months In

Ballet Class - 6 Months In

I am taking an adult ballet class at Kingston School of Dance in the Tett Centre.  I’ve been dancing there since late last year, and I’ve been going every Monday for about 6 months.  Of course there have been a few weeks where there was no class (Christmas, Easter, holiday Mondays etc.) but I’ve been […]

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