5 Tips For Packing Lunches for Picky Eaters

5 Tips For Packing Lunches For Picky Eaters

Do you spend every morning packing lunches for your kids?  If you’re anything like my family, you do.  On top of that daily hassle, we have to get creative – packing lunches for picky eaters! To be fair, Rose is a lot less picky than Emma.  She’ll eat fruits and vegetables with much less hassle. […]

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A Few Tips For Making Friends As A Working Mom

Making Friends

Raising kids is hard work.  (I think I’ve started a few other posts with this strong opening – but it’s so true!)  Making time for friends (or making friends in general) while raising those afore-mentioned children can be more hassle than it’s worth.  Okay, well that’s not really true – making time for yourself, alone […]

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Why We Don’t Reward Chores

Why We Don't Reward Chores

Personally, I hate doing chores. If someone paid me to do chores I don’t think it would make me any more likely to do them.  Sadly, chores are a necessary, if annoying, part of life.  Many families enlist things like chore charts, or other reward systems, to encourage children to do more chores.  We used […]

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