Emma Foley Actor/Model

Emma Foley is my eldest daughter and she is hoping to learn about acting and modelling, as well as have lots of fun.  She attended Theatre Kingston’s summer camp in August 2016, 2017 and 2018.  Currently we are looking for local opportunities to gain some experience, make some friends, and test out the acting and modelling world!

Emma Foley
Emma Aug 2017

Emma’s Stats

Height: 55″
Weight: 70 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Dress Size: 12 Girls
Talents: Dancing (ballet and contemporary), Swimming
Birthdate: Sept 12, 2008

Visit Emma’s Facebook page for more photos, and updates of what we’ve been auditioning for.


Emma has been accepted to camp at Upper Canada Village this summer (2019.) She will participate in daily operations at the attraction, including period appropriate tasks and interactions with the visitors.

As a family, Emma, Rose and myself were part of a photo campaign for KFLA Public Health – the campaign will run Jan 2019.

KFLA Public Health Campaign

Feb 2018 Emma was an extra in a short film titled Pick – it has yet to be released.

Halloween 2017, Emma and I were cast in a short video production.  Take a look at it here.

Emma also features in some of my YouTube videos – visit my YouTube page here.


Emma Foley
Emma Aug 2017

If you’re interested in working with Emma, contact us directly at modernmom@jessicafoley.ca.  At this time Emma is an independent agent, and would appreciate any and all suggestions of roles or opportunities in the Kingston area.


Visit my gallery for more photos of Emma that I have captured over time.


Also I am available for adult roles (I’m 39.)  I wrapped a role in August 2016 as a featured extra in a movie filmed in downtown Kingston. I also worked on Alias Grace in the prison scenes filmed here at Kingston Penitentiary.  I can be reached at the above email address as well.


If you’d like to read more about our acting adventures, pull down the categories box in the sidebar and choose Acting/Modelling.  It will direct you to all my posts about our actor lives!

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