A Day In Photos: LEGOland Florida

A Day In Photos Legoland Florida
*I was given 2 free passes for LEGOland Florida in order for me to create this review.  All opinions (and photographs) are my own, or that of my family.  Read my Disclosure Policy for further information. This post may contain affiliate links.*


On our second day of vacation in Florida we visited LEGOland.  We chose to go there before Disney to avoid any underwhelm after visiting the Happiest Place on Earth.  (Do they still call Disney that?)

Well we needn’t have worried about that.  LEGOland is a park unto itself.  If you are even slightly entertained by building elaborate Lego sets, I recommend visiting LEGOland (in Florida or elsewhere.)  There are tons of Lego people around the park that you can look at and enjoy.

Lego Friends LEGOland Florida



My favourite part was the mini section – it’s an area with sets built to look like cities and attractions.  We had been to the Kennedy Space Centre the day before so the kids especially loved the space shuttle about to launch into orbit.


Lots of Rides

We went on 7 rides in LEGOland (if I’m remembering correctly.)  The park wasn’t overly busy so there were not a lot of long lines.  (Especially not compared to our Disney days!)  We skipped the Duplo land area early on in the day as it’s geared toward toddlers and smaller children.  We did end up walking through it while trying to find our way back to the exit at the end of the day though!

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the rides. If you’ve been to an amusement park of this style before you’ll know it’s nothing but lines and then you have to put everything loose away to get on the rides.  If you visit the LEGOland Florida website there is a list of the rides and some pictures there.


Pirates Cove Water Ski Show

We watched the Pirates Cove Water Ski Show in the middle of the afternoon.  The kids LOVED it!  I enjoyed it quite a bit too.  If the day had been hotter I would have sat lower down in the “splash zone” though I’m always worried about the camera!


Botanical Garden

Did you know that Cypress Gardens (which LEGOland is built around) was Florida’s first theme park?  It opened in 1936 and the gardens were the main attraction.  There were also boat and water ski shows held at Cypress Gardens.  The park was open as Cypress Gardens until 2009.  Two years later LEGOland opened, with Cypress Gardens at it’s heart. 

Read more about Cypress Gardens at the Florida Historical Society.

I really enjoyed touring the gardens.  It was a great break from the “excitement” of LEGOland and the Banyan tree is absolutely stunning. 




Of course I had to share a pic with my Insta friends while we were there:


Final Thoughts

LEGOland Florida A Day In PhotosThere is so much to check out at LEGOland Florida we could have stretched it over 2 days.  They also have a resort on the grounds so you can stay right at LEGOland.  Besides walking by I didn’t get to check that out.  There is also a water park that we didn’t visit – it’s an extra you have to pay for.  Visit the LEGOland Florida website to see all the great fun to be had!

If you are thinking about taking a trip to LEGOland Florida I highly recommend looking for promo codes online.  We found a code for “get a free kid’s admission with purchase of adult”.  That meant we got in only paying for one admission! (LEGOland facilitated this post for me by giving me 2 free passes.  And all I did was ask!  You can read about how to get your own media admission by reading their policy here.)

Keep your eyes on my FB page for more photos of our fun!


Let me know if you’ve been, or if you are planning to go.  I would love to hear about your experience!  I will be writing more about our Florida travels over the next few weeks or months. 

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  1. We love Lego and Legoland. We went to the one in Windsor in the UK a few years ago. Luckily my brother’s friend worked there he was one of the pirates in the stunt show so we got cheap tickets. #ExplorerKids

  2. We have the best time at Legoland Florida. We went a few times when my boys were younger and we were vacationing in Orlando. It was well worth the drive out. #ExplorerKidsLInky

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