Book Review: Folded Dreams by Michael Kent

Folded Dreams

*I was sent this book free of charge so I could read it and create this review*

Michael Kent has written a fast paced crime novel.  His protagonist, Lieutenant Robert Beaudry, is an intensely likeable character, and his new lady partner is going to stir up trouble.  This book is just one instalment in a series of novels following Lieutenant Beaudry.  I do have another here to read, and I’m quite looking forward to it!

This novel starts off with a dead body in a BMW trunk and Lt Beaudry who’s just been relieved of his suspension with pay.   He’s partnered with a feisty red-headed Irish lady cop who’s new to homicide.  The case delves deep into Montreal’s underbelly, with terrorists, politicans and even homeless men implicated in the murders.

There is, of course, a blossoming relationship between Beaudry and Pat, the Irish vixen he’s partnered with.  But Lt Beaudry is not one to mix business with pleasure.  Can he control himself around Pat and her “titanium melting” smile?

If you are a reader who enjoys a fast, easy read, this series of books will satisfy your needs.  The story is well thought out, the characters flesh out well and the writing is easy to follow.  The crime story is also clear and straightforward, but with enough plot twists to keep it interesting.


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I have since reviewed more of Michael Kent’s stories.  Blood Tail, and Twice Dead are also Lieutentant Beaudry novels.  I enjoyed them too!


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