Toronto Zoo educates visitors on responsible plastic use with new interactive experience

The Toronto Zoo, in partnership with Pollution Probe and GreenMantra Technologies, has introduced a new and interactive way to educate visitors about sustainability and plastic pollution. The Plastics Pathway is a dynamic learning experience at the Zoo that now features a new app developed with SSA Group and According to the Zoo, this app […]

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How parents can keep teens safe in the online world

a girl in red sweater holding her phone while talking to her friend

Parents and teenagers are always learning from each other, and this generation is no different. But parents of teenagers today have a very unique and interesting set of experiences when it comes to the online world. We are bringing up our kids in a completely different world than the one we grew up in. Parents […]

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‘Focus. Click. Wind.’ explores political unrest through the eyes of a teenage photographer

*This article was originally published on Kingstonist.* Amanda West Lewis’ new Young Adult novel, set in Toronto in the late 1960s, asks hard questions about political engagement, trust in governments and police, and the human cost of war, according to Groundwood Books, which provided Focus. Click. Wind. to me, through Kingstonist, free of charge, to allow […]

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