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I’m thrilled you’d like to learn more about me. My life is an open book, so feel free to ask me anything – especially if it relates to managing my family and my working life without going completely crazy!

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I have always wanted to write.  

As a teenager people would tell me my writing style was great, but I didn’t feel I had anything to write about. I’m not a person who has fictional characters or worlds formed in my head just waiting to escape onto paper.

Writing was never on my horizon as an employment option. I graduated University with a BSc in Biology, and barely used my writing skills, besides creating lab reports.

about Jessica Foley
Emma and Rose, 2016

After I became a parent I started reading blogs. Wow! I could have one of these for myself and write about whatever strikes my fancy.  

When I started writing my blog I had grand dreams of popularity and success. Writing a mom blog would be fun and easy – I mean I’m a mom, right? So why aren’t people reading my articles?

Turns out writing a blog requires a LOT of background work. And as a woman in the workforce full-time I did not want to dedicate that much time to my hobby blog.

My blog – A Modern Mom’s Life – is active, and has been live since 2016. I write when I feel like it, and I’ve let go of the dreams of grandeur that I had entertained in the beginning.

My favourite posts to write are personal ones: a struggle we’ve dealt with as a family, or an amazing outing we had. Making time to be together is my family’s number one challenge. When we’ve had some great quality time, or overcome some obstaclesI want to share that success with other busy families.

Big changes

COVID-19 changed my lifestyle completely. I left the workforce in the beginning, because my daughters were doing remote learning and I wasn’t comfortable having them home alone everyday. I was pushed from my position when they needed staff back at the office, and I wasn’t comfortable going back.

I spent the COVID summer hunting up freelance writing opportunities and then landed a full-time writing gig in the fall of 2020 with a local media outlet, Kingstonist. I write about goings-on and newsworthy items, and I love it.

Through my connections I have done some content writing for people and businesses. Some are a combination of my Kingstonist work and local business connections, and others are stand-alone pieces I’ve written for others. My goal as a freelancer is to create relevant and valuable articles to support local businesses. You can read more about that here.

A few of my favourite blog articles:

Did you know?

  • Pre Covid, I was a full time working mom. I spent 18 years as a pharmacy assistant at Quarry Medical Pharmacy in downtown Kingston, Ontario. I moved into a Legal Clerk/Receptionist position for about 6 months before having to be home for my girls due to the pandemic. Now I’ve found a consistent writing gig, and I’m open for freelance writing opportunities to help support my family.
  • I write for a local online media platform. Kingstonist is the only locally owned media in the city and I’m happy to be a part of it. I rewrite press releases, and create local interest articles. I’m also part of their advertising team, and offer advertising options to local businesses. (Get on my mailing list to hear about upcoming advertising opportunities.)
  • I’ve jumped into the world of acting while hunting up roles for my daughter Emma. I’ve appeared in a public service video produced by Curious You Productions, was a featured extra in a film by Slinger Pictures and have participated in a few other small pictures. I landed a paid gig as a background actor in the Alias Grace miniseries based on Margaret Atwood’s book. It’s on NetFlix and I’m a female inmate.
  • I’m a photographer, although I’m still perfecting my craft. My photos are improving, and I’m trying hard to make more time to practice! You can hire me to take photos of your everyday events and life. Visit my photography page to read more on that.

Head over to my contact page if you’d like to send me an email – I try to respond quickly, and I love hearing from my readers!

I am on the lookout for more acting opportunities as well as blogging collaborations.  I’m open to working with brands, other bloggers, local attractions or events, anything that is family friendly or I can put a Mom-spin on.  I also review books and products and I’m open to any pitches, so visit my work with me page and we can create something together!

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Jess Foley – Writer. I appreciate the support of my readers and fans.


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  1. I am a coffee loving, wine drinking mom of two girlies too! Only mine are younger. Nice to meet you Jessica – enjoying your blog a lot.

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