The Woman Behind the Words: Jessica Foley

My daughters and I, spring 2018. Rose, left and Emma, right. Photo by Liz Cooper.

I have always wanted to write.

In 2016 I launched a blog, hoping the creative outlet would provide me with the writing opportunities I needed. But I quickly realized I wanted to support others with my writing.

As a content writer, I learn about businesses – what they do, who they support, and how they make lives easier. Working closely with each client, I craft interesting and compelling content, and help them find the words to communicate clearly with their customer base.

Sometimes I work with agencies, and oftentimes I support businesses through my work with Kingstonist, but what I enjoy most is working one-on-one with a business owner, really getting into the nitty-gritty of how they work and what they do, and then finding ways to express it all in short, sweet sentences for their webpages and educational and valuable blog articles.

Let’s work together to make your website content the best it can be!

My blog is still active. (You can find it here.) I now share educational articles about creating blog content and improving website views, I write book reviews, and sometimes I still share personal stories and experiences. I write when I feel like it, and I’ve let go of the dreams of grandeur that I had entertained in the beginning.

I’m thrilled you’d like to learn more about me. My life is an open book, so feel free to ask me anything. I love connecting with readers and clients!

A few of my favourite blog articles:

Looking for my links page with a list of where to find me around the web? Try here.

As my daughters grow, I hope to keep sharing tidbits of our life through my blog articles. You can stay connected with me and my journey on social. These are my channels:

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  1. I am a coffee loving, wine drinking mom of two girlies too! Only mine are younger. Nice to meet you Jessica – enjoying your blog a lot.

    1. Thanks so much Nat! If you would like to subscribe you can get all my posts delivered right to your inbox. If not, I share them all across my social media so be sure to follow me there!

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