Acting – Can I Do It?

Acting - Can I Do It?

I’ve acted in the past.  In elementary school I was in a play – as a main character even!  I never really thought I could act (well) in any version of my life.  Acting is something talented people do, right?

Crimson Peak Market SquareTwo years ago a big Hollywood movie filmed 2 scenes here in Kingston.  I applied to be an extra, but I was a little too big for their costumes, and it was turn of the century time so my glasses, which look too modern, didn’t fit the era (and I can’t function without them!)  But that didn’t stop me from watching them film parts of the scenes.  It was amazing how they transformed our limestone-look Market Square and a few surrounding streets into a dirt packed, crowded market (and town) for the film.  Of course I had to then watch the movie (Crimson Peak) and I did manage to find the scenes filmed here.  I loved it – although the movie was rather creepy.

While working on promoting Emma, we stumbled across a Facebook page for local acting opportunities.  There we found an open casting call for a movie called Boneyard filming in Kingston this summer.  Of course they were only looking for adults, so we couldn’t get Emma into this project, but Patrick and I applied to be extras.

We were welcomed to the audition by the Brent, the filmmaker.  I had never been to anything resembling an audition in my life and I had no idea what to expect.  It was really very low key – photos of each of us, and then a read-through of the “sides” (which I’ve learned are just script excerpts.)  Patrick and I went with the hope of being extras, but since we both read I guess they will consider us for any roles – if they liked us.  We will find out in about a month if they’d liked us (or our acting!)  I think it would be great to participate in this project in any capacity.

Of course it’s a horror flick – not really my genre, but if I can sit through Crimson Peak for a quick glimpse of Kingston, I’m sure I could work on (and then watch) another horror movie.  So stay tuned and I will let you, my readers, know what goes on in my first foray into the world of acting!


Update May 12/16: I got a callback to read again for the part of Jane (who I assume is the main female character.)  The first time they gave me fell right in the middle of Rose’s birthday party this weekend, but they were able to reschedule me.  4:45 on Saturday sees me there again for another audition!!!!

Update May 27/16: I didn’t get the part, but the filmmaker suggested he’s doing another one (a comedy) later this year that I may be better suited for.  I’m looking forward to hearing about that!

Update June 29/16: I did a quick video piece (no talking) for another local production company.  Read my post about it here.  Let’s hope I can find some more!

Update Mar 4/17: The film I was a featured extra in premiered at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival.  The film is called Sir John A and the Curse of the Anti-Quenched, and I had a ton of fun!


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  1. Oh that’s amazing you did another reading, please do let us know how that goes! : ) And Happy Birthday to Rose! I think I’ve heard of Crimson Peak and remember it being scary.I’m not really into horror films either….funnily enough I went to one of those baby and mummy cinema mornings (where they allow parent and baby to watch a film at 11am), I didn’t realise until I sat down to watch that it was a horror film AAAAH, was so annoyed with myself for not looking up the film beforehand, but then again it was nice to finally be able to sit in a cinema haha. Anyway, good luck! Thanks for linking up with #StayClassy!

    1. The actual reading went fine – although I read with another woman who is currently the lead in a theater project running in town. Made me feel a little inferior, but I think I did alright. I have another post half-planned in my head about the second project filming in town that I may be involved in this summer!

      I loved the mom and baby viewings at the theatre. When I had my second baby I saw Thor with a friend and it was a blast. None of the other babies made too much fuss and mine slept through the whole thing! I think it’s a great idea to let moms get out of the house for a little escapism while they’re tied to a tiny person.

      Thanks for the comment!

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