Gift Guide for Dancers (Do’s and Don’ts)

Gift Guide for Dancers

My oldest daughter, Emma, is about to turn 10.  10!  I am always looking for gift ideas that she’ll actually use.  We don’t need more toys, no one buys movies or music anymore, and her clothes are already busting out of her dresser and closet.

Emma has been dancing since she was 3, and there are no signs of stopping just yet.  So I thought I would share with you some gift ideas for dancers.  As an aspiring dancer myself, I have some insight into what dancers may, or may not, like to receive as gifts.  (The 7 years of being a dance mom doesn’t hurt either!)



Gift Guide for Dancers (do’s and don’ts)

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Buy them knick knacks or tchotchkes with ballet shoes, tutu wearing dancers, Christmas ornaments that say “I love dance” etc. UNLESS you know they really do love these gifts and collect them on purpose.

Purchase actual dance wear for them, again UNLESS you know their size, brand preference, etc etc.  For kids, you can maybe pull this off by asking the parents exactly what they need, but dance wear is very personal and literally every piece fits differently. (I know this from experience…)

ballet shoes



Buy accessories! 

Beautiful, functional water bottles (dishwasher safe); new fancy bags – this one may require input: backpack, gym bag, big, small, you need to know your dancer; hairbrush with hair ties, ribbons and bobby pins; dance school swag (warm up pants or sweaters/hoodies with the dance school logo); or slipper socks or booties to wear around the dance studio in the winter would all be lovely ideas for any dancer.


Think at home pampering. 

Bubble bath or foot lotion to relax the dancer after a long day.  Muscle rollers, a yoga mat for at home stretching, and a bluetooth speaker to play their digital music.  Make them a pedicure kit with some emery boards, lotions, nail cutters, a book on do it yourself foot massage, and a new nail polish.  There’s lot of “gift basket” ideas you can do here – any dancer who looks after themselves would love any combination of at-home luxury items!

Easy Spa Hacks


Asking can’t hurt

Everyone appreciates it when they receive a thoughtful gift.  If you want to get something  “just right”, ask the recipient what they would like.  There’s no shame in that.  Especially when you already know you want to give them something to support a specific area or theme in their life.

Asking a dancer what they need for the upcoming dance term (or their next show) is the same as asking a student if they need something for their dorm room or desk, or a writer if they need a new notebook.  And it’s easier to come up with something you want when asked specifically: “I’d like to get you something you need for dance.”  I don’t feel that it ruins the surprise if I’m asked what I would like to get as a gift.  In fact, I love when people want to get me what I actually need!

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When in doubt

Gift cards of course!  Find out where they buy their dance shoes or work out wear.  Or if there’s a favourite brand and you know local stores that carry it, get a card from there.  And then there’s the spa gift card option – let them have a day of pampering, or a few pedicures to keep their feet in good dancing shape.  When in doubt – coffee shop/restaurant gift cards are ALWAYS appreciated. (At least in my house, anyway!)

Gift Guide for Dancers - Dos and Don'ts


This gift guide for dancers can be expanded for any sport or hobby.  Try to think outside the box – gifts that support the person getting to and from, grabbing snacks to take along, or keeping themselves relaxed and pampered at home are just as appreciated as a specific piece for your particular sport.  And often the accessory type gifts are easier to find!

Do you have anything to add to this gift guide?  If so, share with me in the comments!  I suspect we will be dancing for many years to come, so all ideas are more than welcome.




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