Stay Feeling Full Longer With These Healthy Snacks

stay feeling full longer

Sticking to a diet is tough, especially when you find yourself getting hungry in between meals. Finding a good, satiating snack can help you stay on track towards your health and weight loss goals. Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight, healthy snacks are a good thing to have available. They can provide many benefits including boosting brainpower, strengthening the immune system, and improving your skin.

I am always looking for healthy snacks for my busy life. Between work, dance classes (for my daughters and myself), and the regular running of a household, I often find myself eating on the go, or late at night.

Here are some great late night snacks, or easy snacks on the go:


Nuts are a great choice because they combine two of the major macronutrients in a ratio that helps signal you are satiated. Almonds, cashews, and pistachios all contain the perfect ratio of protein to fat to quell even the strongest of hunger pangs. They also provide additional benefit through micronutrients such as folate and magnesium which help with energy levels by supporting the growth of blood cells. Tree nuts also make good late night snacks and can help promote a restful night’s sleep.

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Fruit and Nut butter

Fruit often is rebuked due to its sugar content. Eating whole fruits reduces the impact sugar has on your bloodstream. The fiber in whole fruits slows sugar absorption preventing sugar spikes that can leave you feeling even hungrier. Adding a serving of nut butter makes the snack complete by providing healthy fats and protein to keep you feeling full longer.


Eggs are a convenient and portable snack. They can even be made in bulk with a batch of hard-boiled eggs lasting a full week. If plain hard-boiled eggs don’t seem appealing, scrambled egg cups with added vegetables and cheese make a great alternative. Simply bake them in small muffin tins to have access to the perfectly portioned snack whenever hunger strikes.

Bone broth

Popular in the keto and primal diet communities, bone broth is a concentrated, flavorful liquid that has a higher amount of fat than typical broth. This snack is sure to satisfy your growling stomach with its deep umami flavors and filling fat content. It may even improve your skin, due to its high collagen content.

Bone broth is simple to make at home in either a slow cooker or InstantPot. Commercially available products are also very easy to find thanks to its increase in popularity over the last few years. Many options are available on the shelf as well as in the freezer section so you can stock up.


One of the favorites of the Mediterranean diet community, olives make an excellent snack food. Packed with healthy fats and antioxidants, they are sure to keep you feeling satisfied until your next meal. They also are a good source of fiber, helping to keep your gut healthy. Due to the concentration of Vitamin E found in olives, they may help to reduce inflammation making this snack a smart choice. 

Do you have a favourite snack that keeps you feeling satisified? I have started including more nuts and nut butter in my snacks and I absolutely notice a difference in my hunger levels.

The five snack suggestions above are just a few of the options available to you. When searching for snacks look for a combination of fat, protein, and fiber to keep you feeling full longer. Next time you are feeling hungry in between meals, reach for one of these healthy and filling options. 

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