Acting – Can I Do It?

Acting - Can I Do It?

I’ve acted in the past.  In elementary school I was in a play – as a main character even!  I never really thought I could act (well) in any version of my life.  Acting is something talented people do, right? Two years ago a big Hollywood movie filmed 2 scenes here in Kingston.  I applied […]

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Book Review: Blood Tail by Michael Kent

*I was sent this book, Blood Tail,  free of charge so I could read it and create this review.  All opinions are my own.* Usually I pay so much attention to the order books go in when I’m reading multiple by the same author.  This is my second read and review for Michael Kent and […]

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Ballet Class – 6 Months In

Ballet Class - 6 Months In

I am taking an adult ballet class at Kingston School of Dance in the Tett Centre.  I’ve been dancing there since late last year, and I’ve been going every Monday for about 6 months.  Of course there have been a few weeks where there was no class (Christmas, Easter, holiday Mondays etc.) but I’ve been […]

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