My amazing writing job has shamelessly stolen my desire to blog

Who would have thought that massaging words all day would mean I would lose interest in writing for my blog after hours?

(I did. I knew it would happen.)

I wouldn’t change anything right now, but I’m amazed at how satisfying writing for media would be, coming from an occasional blogging background.

I love blogging – and I’m not going to stop.

Sharing my thoughts and experiences with my readers is an absolute joy for me. But, truth be told, we’re not doing much that’s very remarkable these days.

Sure, we go for nature walks and hikes. We bake, cook, clean, learn. But really none of that is out of the ordinary. We’re not travelling, we’re definitely not shopping, and life is quiet, now that we’re not at a dance studio four nights a week.

Instead we’re spending time together.

Tidying and sorting, playing games, watching movies, and getting outside when the weather is nice. We have time to work on homework and cook dinners. Time to chat about our days. And time to relax.

I’m working from home during the day, writing, and writing, and writing.

Some of it I craft from nothing (or from ideas), and other things I rewrite, expand on, or learn a bit more about to properly educate the readers. And then I search out businesses who might be interested in what I want to write about.

My days are full, but only sometimes feel busy.

I am experiencing a loss of wanting to write for myself and my blog. But I have to remember that blogging was my own idea – I don’t have to report to anyone about what I’m doing, or not doing, with this blog.

Though I do feel I need to check in with you, reader, from time to time. So this is me letting you know that I love writing for you. I love to get your feedback and input. And I love sharing my experiences with you.

I’m not going anywhere.

I’m here – always. It may feel quieter now because I’m filling my need to write with my day job.

Who would have though I would ever really be here? Able to work from home to better support my family, cook them dinners, and still make an income, and a difference, with my career choice. The company I’m working for is completely understanding of work/life “balance” (though I still maintain you can’t really achieve a balance – it’s more like a constantly changing experience), and has given me a ton of freedom to work when it works for me.

I’ve never worked without someone always telling me what needs to be done. I make a lot of choices now, though the team is always there with guidance. And I have to manage my own time, which can be a struggle. But we’ve had appointments galore the last week (with more coming up), and I’ve gone to them all with zero guilt about missing work. I never felt that way when I had a physical workplace I was leaving, and a job that left a hole in the team.

All this to say, I am still here.

But, I will be crafting blog articles less often. I have a few in the works, but I find it harder to make time to finish them. But don’t let that discourage you from stopping by from time to time. And go ahead and nudge me on social media, or through email, if you’re missing me!

With a smart phone, I’m literally available all the time. I may not reply right away, or comment under your comment immediately, but I genuinely want to hear from you. I’ll try to keep you informed on my FB page of our goings on, and I will write articles when the mood strikes.

Have you found big changes in your life through all the Covid uncertainty? I’d love to hear about lifestyle edits you’ve made, or ways your family is managing in this less busy climate. (Or maybe you’re not less busy – tell me about that too!) Let’s continue the conversation in the comments, or on social media. Find me @modernmomslife!


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