Kingston Canadian Film Festival 2017

Kingston Canadian Film Festival

The Kingston Canadian Film Festival has been an annual event in Kingston, Ontario for the last 16 years.  From the website: The Kingston Canadian Film Festival is the largest festival in the world dedicated exclusively to Canadian film. My husband’s company, Fusix Corp, has been a sponsor of the festival for many years as well.  I […]

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Our First Casting Call

Last weekend Emma and I attended our first casting call together.  A casting company from Toronto was looking for background folk for a few scenes in a mini series they’re putting together.  If I can remember correctly they were looking for prisoners (male and female), prison guards, wardens and affluent Kingston folk.  This casting call […]

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Mode Elle

My daughter, Emma, has been with the Mode Elle modelling and talent agency for just over a year now.  She’s done two (unpaid) fashion shows here at the mall and one impromptu My Little Pony clothing advertising which Rose got to participate in as well (similar to a fashion show and also unpaid, although they […]

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Acting – Can I Do It?

Acting - Can I Do It?

I’ve acted in the past.  In elementary school I was in a play – as a main character even!  I never really thought I could act (well) in any version of my life.  Acting is something talented people do, right? Two years ago a big Hollywood movie filmed 2 scenes here in Kingston.  I applied […]

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