5 easy ways to feel better this year

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Who else is over the ‘New Year, New You’ crap that gets thrust down our throats this time of year? I don’t need a ‘new’ me, and, frankly, neither does anyone else. Instead of falling into the ‘diet and exercise’ culture that the New Year seems to bring out in overabundance, let’s instead take a […]

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Let’s lose the provocative parenting labels: you do you

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How do you parent? Do you let your kids run amok (free-range parenting), or do you schedule their every moment while standing very nearby (helicopter parenting)? Are you a “gentle” parent, “attachment” parent, “crunchy” parent, “authoritative” parent? And does it really matter? I recently read an article about “puddle parents”: “Puddle parents encourage their children […]

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