7 Things a stellar copywriter wants to do for you

7 things a stellar copywriter wants to do for you

Hiring a copywriter should never be looked on as an expense.

Instead, think of it as saving yourself time. Time to focus on building your business. Time to engage with your customers. And time you can take back for yourself.

A stellar copywriter stays behind the scenes, working diligently to keep your website and content fresh. Copywriters support you and your business with ideas, words and articles to get your message out.

Working with a copywriter will make your business life run more smoothly, but only if you trust them, and embrace them as a team member.

Here are 7 things a stellar copywriter wants to do for you:

1) Learn as much as possible about your business.

Any copywriter worth their salt genuinely wants to know the ins and outs of your business. (If they don’t, find another copywriter.) We can only succeed if you’re successful, and copywriters can’t help you be successful unless we’re part of your business team.

2) Research your potential clients or customers.

Creating a customer avatar helps you – and your copywriter – come up with content strategies to get the right readers to your website. Knowing your ideal customer means always speaking specifically to them and their pain points.

Questions to help you learn who your clients are could be: Where do they live and work? How does your product or service help them? Why do they buy your product? What needs are you satisfying for them? Your copywriter will be a great help in defining your clients.

things a stellar copywriter wants to do for you

3) Brainstorm relevant keywords and ideas for content to educate your audience.

After researching who your audience is, your copywriter will brainstorm topic ideas for fresh content.

They will research keywords for your niche or industry, and find relevant ways to use them in valuable content for your potential customers.

4) Keep your website fresh with blog articles.

Fresh content is the best way to keep your website ranking high in web search results. And writing content is what most copywriters do best.

Whether it’s one article a month or one a week, your copywriter wants to keep your audience, and clients, engaged with valuable content on a regular schedule.​​​​​​​

Read more about how having a consistently updated blog can help your business website.

5) Create a FAQ page (to save you from replying to the same emails over and over again.)

How often do you get emails or Facebook messages asking you “What are your hours?” or “Do you do a specific thing everyone in your industry does?” Often, I’m sure.

things a stellar copywriter wants to do for you

Collect your most common questions and have your copywriter design a straightforward FAQ page for your website. Webpages are quick and easy to update, should you need to add more questions or change responses as your business grows.

6) Reply to those basic email queries for you so you can focus on more important things.

No matter how great your FAQ page is, those basic questions will still land in your inbox. Your copywriter can draft basic responses for you to copy and paste in your replies to common questions, or let your copywriter respond directly to those customer queries.

If your copywriter is a member of your team, they will know the answers to all the basic queries and would be happy to take that task off your hands.

7) Edit any current web copy for clarity and SEO strategies.

7 Things a stellar copywriter wants to do for you

Everyone has a website these days. Whether you put it together yourself or hired a web guru to help you out, it’s likely already out there on the world wide web. And that’s great!

I am a stickler for grammar and readability. When I get to your webpage I want the writing to be clear, straightforward and correct. And I will tell you if it isn’t. Most copywriters will do the same.

Your copywriter wants to edit your current web pages, and help you develop pages that speak directly to that avatar you researched earlier. It will improve your website’s SEO and make navigation easier for all your web visitors. (Which will help you sell your products!)

A stellar copywriter wants to do all of these things for you. They want to belong to your business team, in order to provide the best support they can. Instead of thinking of a copywriter as someone to offload “tasks” to, think of them as a team member who genuinely wants to see your business succeed.

Check out my Copywriter page or send me a message if you’d like to chat.


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