Find some Great Gifts – Gift Guide Round Up 2018

help me find that special gift

As a mom, and a member of a large family, I often have a lot of people on my gift giving list.

As a working mom and a blogger I don’t have a ton of time to go shopping. (I also don’t really like shopping, and the closer it gets to Christmas the less I want to go out to the stores.)

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I try hard to find meaningful gifts for those I do buy for, and that can be a lot of work.  Thankfully there are a lot of gift guides out there to help me (and others) come up with fun and interesting ideas for all the people on my list.

I’ve gathered some Gift Guides to help me find that special gift for everyone on my list!

Take a look – I’m sure you’ll find some ideas too!

help me find that special gift

Julie at Fab Working Mom Life has a very comprehensive gift guide: 2018 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE FOR EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST

She features ideas for everyone on your list – moms and moms to be, outdoor enthusiasts, kids, males (because they need their own category), and all the teachers, sitters etc that help make your life better!

Elizabeth at Guilty Chocoholic Mama has a round up this year, and she chose a few of my own gift guides to put in there.  (Thanks Elizabeth!!) Her guide: Gift Guide-A-Palooza

Sarah at Digital Motherhood has 2 great gift guides on her blog.  One is full of Secret Santa ideas (for the office party maybe?) and the other is for the Unicorn lover in your life.  There is always a Unicorn lover in every crowd, am I right?

Wake Up and Blog has an amazing gift guide for the Blogger in your life.  I would love ANY of the items on there! (Though I don’t need a camera, I’m all over that one.)  As a blogger I can say ANY blogger would really enjoy something from this list: Christmas Gift Guide for Bloggers

Lindsay at Maman Loup’s Den shares a ton of gift ideas for saving the Earth.  Okay, maybe “saving the Earth” is a bit heavy, but seriously, check out her Gift Guide for Eco-Friendly Families.  Whether the family is already Eco-Friendly, or you’d like them to be, there’s an idea there for everyone!

If you’re still in the baby or toddler stage, Melanie at Home has a gift guide for you!  Stuff Your Toddler’s Stocking is full of great ideas for any babies or toddlers in your life!

Do you have a type-A type on your Christmas list?  Joni at Crazy Easy Organizing has a great list of items on her gift guide: Five Christmas Ideas for the Type-A Person in Your Life.  I would enjoy ALL of the things on her list – what does that say about me??

Students are fairly easy to buy for. I remember being there – anything someone is willing to buy for me (so I didn’t have to spend money on it myself) was an amazing gift.  But if you’re looking for something special for the student on your list, check out this post on Kay At Home: Perfect Gifts for Students

The team at Tapped out Travellers have created The Ultimate List of Thoughtful Gift for Travel Lovers.  This list has some fun gift ideas for that world traveller you know.

Mixed Up Mama has a fabulous gift guide for families of every colour.  The Ultimate Guide to Multicultural Toys and Black Dolls has some great ideas for representing other cultures in your gift giving!  

Of course I have a few gift guides as well.  They’re pretty self explanatory:

Do you have a gift you love giving? Or a guide that gave you amazing ideas? I’m looking for more ideas to help me find that special gift for everyone on my list!  Leave me a note in the comments and tell me how your gift ideas are coming along.

Enjoy your holiday shopping. I hope the season is smooth and enjoyable for you and your family! 


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