Holiday Baking Recipes 2019 Roundup

Holiday Baking Recipes

The holidays are a wonderful time to get baking. Cookies and squares make great gifts, and I hear a jolly bearded man makes his way around the world once a year, fueled by cookies and milk.

Over the last two years I have increased the amount of baking we for the holidays. This can be the perfect time to find a new favourite recipe. It’s also a time to pull out those time-tested family favourites.

Two years ago I made amazing mint chocolate chip truffles but I ended up eating the ones I didn’t gift all by myself because, it turns out, my family isn’t big on mint chocolate chip stuff. (I know, what’s wrong with them?!?)

This year I thought I’d put out a call to other bloggers to share their favourite recipies. So without further ado, here are a few holiday baking recipies to whet your appetite.

Favourite Holiday Baking Recipes

Shared by fellow Canadian Bloggers

Chocolate Chip Cookies are always a favourite. We tried these ones from mittonmusings and they were easy and delicious: Childhood Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ottawa Mommy Club shared a beautiful shortbread recipe with me: Christmas Cookie Sticks. My girls are anxious to try it. We even went out and bought fancy Christmas sprinkles to decorate them. Our plan is to give them as Christmas gifts to teachers and friends.

A recipe that stood out for me, with it’s use of fresh cranberries, is these White Chocolate Cranberry Bars shared by Torontonicity. While I have not tried it yet it sounds absolutely heavnly, but I’ll wait to make it until closer to Christmas because the cranberries will likely keep my husband and daughters from trying them.

And a share from a blogger in Scandanavia

Karalee from tales of Belle has a cruller recipe that she’s adapted from an old cookbook. Her Christmas Crullers Recipe sounds decadent! I’ve never tried creating fried treats, but this one doesn’t look too difficult.

Special Mention

Holiday Baking Recipes 2019 Roundup

I had a fellow dance mom see that I was looking for gingerbread recipes so she sent me a picture of the PC Gingerbread mix she uses (used) with her kids. She told me they can do it all themselves (her girls are 10+) and they always turn out well. BUT, when I went looking I can’t find the mix anywhere. It was an Insiders item a few years ago. *cue sad face*

But her tips was still a good one: Find a good mix and save yourself time and effort! And kids (hopefully) will make less of a mess when baking from a mix. Win win!

Does your family have a favourite holiday baking recipe? We’re an equal-opportunity treat loving household, but chocolate chip cookies are the most requested. Drop your recipe links in the comments so I can broaden our collection!

If you’re interested in other holiday ideas, I have some posts with Holiday and Christmas thoughts:


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