7 Things I Love About Christmas Time

7 Things I Love About Christmas Time

Many of us struggle to get things done at this time of year.  When we have to work right up until a few days before Christmas, things can feel hectic. That’s why I like to step back and think about some of the things I love about Christmas time.

Being a working parent means getting everything done on the weekends. (Or after the kids are in bed.) And somehow it seems I’ve managed that this year. I always marvel when life seems to actually work out, despite my natural disorganization!

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Now that the big day is getting near, I wanted to share seven things I really love about Christmas time.


Do I really need to say more? From the beginning of December until well into the new year, my caloric intake goes up. This year I am trying to be more mindful of how much I’m eating, but I know I’ll still overindulge. And, at my past workplace, our customers would bring in boxes of chocolates or cookies because they loved us so much. It was very, very sweet but sometimes we’d have two tins of cookies, a box of chocolates, and some other homemade treats all on the go at the same time!

My willpower was awful when I was AT work. Now that I work from home, it’s a bit better. At home I occupy myself with different tasks, and food is away, so its more work to get to the cookies. Also, using smaller plates, and making/taking more vegetables helps me from eating way too much.


In my home, I’m the only one who indulges in alcoholic beverages. This is both good and bad. It means all the alcohol in my house, I can drink. But it also means I often “drink alone” – as in not sharing, not really as in sitting at home, alone, having a glass of wine. (Though I do that too…) So over the holidays, I love getting together with the family and having a few drinks. It also means I’m quite easy to buy for! *wink wink*

Wrapping Gifts

Some people find gift wrapping tedious (my husband) but I quite enjoy it. One year I spent 5 episodes of Game of Thrones wrapping presents in one afternoon. And I wasn’t even finished afterward! But I love the beauty of a well-wrapped gift.  Square(ish) corners, a nice bow or ribbon, and a sweet gift tag all combine to make an elegant parcel. Though sometimes I wonder why I waste my time when it’s all ripped off in about five seconds once the kids get their hands on their gifts!

Holiday Lights & Decor

While I’m not one to gussy up the house much at Christmas time, I do love seeing all the decor everywhere I go. When I was a kid we would take family drives around the neighbourhoods to look at all the Christmas lights.  We haven’t made a lot of effort with our kids to do that – though we have taken the long way home when we see some in the distance.

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Having Young Children

When you’re a child yourself, you don’t fully understand much about the Christmas season. Yes, you get the gift-giving, family gathering, eating junk food, and being off school stuff, but you don’t see the wonder of the season from the other side. Now that I am a parent Christmas time is more special. 

The girls still have an almost unfailing belief in Santa, Elfie Sparkle (our Elf on the Shelf) and every other magical aspect of this time of year.  I love feeding into it: “Did you find Elfie this morning?”; watching Christmas films and specials; baking treats and wrapping gifts together. Seeing the surprise and wonder on their faces on Christmas morning is the number one thing I love about Christmas time.

Time with the Family

7 Things I Love About Christmas Time

I know a lot of people gripe about families. And sometimes I do too. But really, there’s nothing better than getting together and relaxing with family and friends. 

Whether you have a big family, or small, holiday traditions are special. I have both – a really large side of our family (my husband’s side) and an intimate side of my own. Both have advantages and disadvantages. But, both are also fun, loving, and unique. And they are often the people you can be “yourself” with the most.

And don’t forget to get together with the family you choose – your friends! We love to plan a dinner out before (or after) the holidays to see those we love but don’t often make enough time for during our busy years.


Whether you bake (or buy) some cookies and share them with your neighbours, family, and friends, or volunteer your time at a charity or soup kitchen, giving is the real spirit of the season. I love surprising people with something sweet and thoughtful at Christmas time. Often the smallest gestures get the most reward for the giver. When you give the perfect thing – whether it’s something you’ve handmade, a big, extravagant gift, or your time – it warms your soul. Or, at least it does for me!

What do you love about Christmas?  Is there a fun tradition or something else you do as a family that warms your heart?  I want to hear about it! Share with me in the comments.


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This article was last updated on Dec. 4, 2023.

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  1. I love this list. This is our first Christmas with our daughter so we’re really looking forward to that. I love the idea of driving around looking at all the Christmas lights. It’s a fun thing to do and doesn’t cost anything. I used to love catching up on TV shows while wrapping presents but it’s been difficult to do that this year with a 7 month old in tow! #Familyfunlinky

  2. Yes, yes and yes! I agree with nearly everything apart from spending time with family but that’s just because mine make it really stressful for me #stayclassymama

    1. Families can be fun, but also too busy and stressful. We have 2 completely different family celebrations. My side is small and quiet, just my parents, myself and my sister (and our families) while my hubby has 4 sisters and they all have spouses and all but one has 2 or 3 children. Now some of those children are grown and bringing their current partners with them and it’s major chaos. But it’s still fun!

  3. Hi Jess, quality family downtime and eating are what I enjoy this time of year. I do like a nicely wrapped present, so although I find the task tedious I do make the effort to make gifts look nice. Luckily I don’t enjoy a drink so all my calories come from food!

    Thank you for linking up with #MMBC.


    1. Wrapping is so tedious, but the end result can be so beautiful! That’s one of the things I love and hate about the Christmas season. It also takes up a lot of space, doing all that wrapping. (And you often have to do it when the kids are out, or sleeping!!)

  4. Christmas is definitely so much more magical when you have kids. I love seeing their faces on Christmas morning. They always bring their stockings into our room and open them up on the bed before we head downstairs to see what the big man left down there. And yes, all the chocolate!
    Thank you for joining #FamilyFunLinky x

  5. I do love the lights and sparkle of this time of year and I enjoy wrapping gifts to; with real bows and everything! There are many things to love and enjoy about the holidays and I hate that my to do list & stress over getting everything done often colors my feelings towards the holidays. Thanks for the reminders that it’s not all bad. #FabFridayPost

    1. Stressing over getting stuff done is a real downer at Christmas time. Same thing happens to me most years, though this year I seemed to be organized. Not sure how that happened…

    1. I’m hearing a lot of people don’t enjoy wrapping! For me it’s a love/hate thing. I like the beautifully wrapped presents, but sometimes it’s majorly tedious!

  6. I think I have ate too much during this festive period. I just can’t move! lol! My also other fav is the decor. I love watching them lights twinkle. 🙂 Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

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