Guest Posting

As a blogger, a mom, and woman who works outside the home I have constantly changing creativity cycles. Sometimes I can create a ton of content in a short time, but other times I’m in a drought. Enter the world of guest posting!

guest posting

I am always looking for writers and bloggers with like-minded content with whom to share my blog space, and my extra words.

*If you would like to promote a business (besides your personal blog) I offer guest posting advertisement packages. Please contact me for more details and rates.*

To those of you looking to publish a post on my blog, here are my areas I like to post about:

  • Working Moms and Dads – especially when both work
  • Parenting elementary aged children
  • Raising kids through puberty
  • Busy households – ways to be organized, time management tips, quick meal ideas, general struggles with a busy life
  • Photography – I’m an amateur, so anything about photography that’s not too technical is welcomed
  • Kingston, Ontario, Canada – anything local I can share 
Preference is given to writers who pitch me actual post ideas in their initial email.  I receive a lot of “I’d like to write for you” emails with no content ideas, and often I do not reply to those.  If you would like to be considered, please send me 3 or 4 ideas/titles in your email and let me know how they are relevant to me and my readers.

On the flip side, I can create a post along these lines as well for sharing on your blog! I also am open to any other post ideas – I love to create posts inside a loose idea.

Posts that I’ve contributed to other blogs:

I am also offering other writing and editing services – you can read more on my Writing and Editing Services page.  Editing other people’s works is a passion of mine – I want your articles, email, and other writing to be professional and clean!

Contact me if you’d like to work together.  I am always looking for people to collaborate with!  (I prefer to work with people who have a great concept and can relate their post to parenting school aged children.  If you have a fully formed idea, reach out!)

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