10 Easy Home Spa Hacks

10 Easy Home Spa Hacks

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It’s no great secret that “adulting” can be difficult at times and  there will inevitably be days where juggling day-to-day tasks can cause us stress and anxiety. After all, we have all had those days. You know the ones… where life comes at us hard and we find ourselves caught up in a daily cycle that puts our mental and physical well-being in jeopardy. So much so, that we put the needs of others and our family before our own care and personal needs.

Easy Home Spa Hacks

This tendency can leave us feeling run down and in desperate need of a little spa therapy. Unfortunately our calendars, pocket books, and responsibilities don’t allow us to run off for a spa day or pay outlandish prices for some much needed pampering whenever life starts feeling a little tense. Thankfully, with a little creative thinking and mindful choices, we can bring the spa to us by using items many of us already have laying around our homes.


This is great news, because studies have found taking time for a little self-care can improve our health, quality of sleep, immune systems, and even relieve levels of stress. Yes, taking a few minutes to nurture our minds and bodies is a good thing, even if it costs us a little time every now and then. So, give yourself permission to wash away some of the day’s stress by indulging with a spa day in the comforts of your own home.


Here are 10 easy home spa hacks and self-care tips to help you unwind. 

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10 easy home spa hacks


Just soak.

An easy way to bring the spa home is by treating yourself to a hot bath. To maximize the experience, gather flower petals, epsom salts, essential oils, candles, a relaxing playlist, uncork a bottle of wine, and throw in a bouquet of well chosen flowers. Then, run yourself a steamy bath and soak away the stress, anxiety, and worries of the day.



Get your fizz on!

Use epsom salts, cornstarch, baking soda, and a little citric acid to add some bubbly to the mix to create our own fizzing bath bombs. Take this one step further and add your favorite scents or essential oils.


Keep it simple, sweetie.

Utilize mini meditations while you are walking, bathing, doing the dishes, and more. One easy way to meditate is to simultaneously focus on your breathing and notice your senses, such as: water running over your fingers, warm sunlight streaming on your skin, and even the soothing scent of soap.


Get cracking.

Whip up egg whites to create a foamy treatment to keep oily skin at bay and act as a toner for skin on all parts of the body. Beat yolks with a mixture of olive oil or mayo and a little water to create a deep conditioning hair treatment.


Easy Spa Hacks


Treat your hands and feet to a little TLC.

Soak your hands or feet for five minutes in a warm tub of water, follow with a favorite lotion, and then apply a clear coat of nail polish. In less than 10 minutes, your hands and feet will feel and look like you spent an entire afternoon at the salon.



Add some heat.

Put your lotion on the heat register while you are in the bath, throw a fluffy towel in the dryer so it will be hot when you get out from a soak, or run a hot shower for a few minutes to create a luxurious mist to help soothe muscles and tension.


Put on a mask.

Beauty masks are often expensive and or full of chemicals. Instead of a store bought version, look in your cabinets and fridge to whip up a mask from ground oats, honey, avacados, or yogurt.


Easy Spa Hacks


Soothe your eyes.

Pamper our eyes by placing soothing slices of cucumber, soaked green tea bags, or slices of potatoes on closed eyelids for a few minutes. Naturally occurring antioxidants can reduce inflammation, puffiness, and even constrict blood vessels.


Have a ball.

If your back and shoulders are tense, roll out the knots using tennis balls. Place the balls under the tight location of your back, use a pillow to prop your head up, and work out sore muscles by rolling over the balls.


Make “me-time” a priority.

Pencil in time for self-care on your calendar and choose times where there will be limited distractions so you can focus on yourself for a few minutes. Get up early, take advantage of nap times, or put the kids to bed early a couple of nights a week to make this a reality.


10 Easy Home Spa HacksWhat are some home spa hacks you love?  Can you share more than these 10 easy home spa hacks?


Ashley Smith: Author, real estate expert and mother of two beautiful young girls. Yoga: Her guilty pleasure!


I love relaxing in the hot bath.  I don’t do it often, but it’s definitely a “me time” activity.  I’m not a very luxurious person, so I don’t often make time for home spa type activities.  It’s true that they can be very relaxing though!




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