6 Surprising De-cluttering Tips for Insanely Busy Moms

Surprising De-cluttering Tips

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Are you an insanely busy mom? Do you want to de-clutter your home quickly and efficiently? Is your house covered with kid’s toys and clothes? Then these tips will help you, despite your present busy schedule.

Get some help

As you are trying to de-clutter your homes, please make sure you get some help. Seeking help from family, friends or workplace colleagues will make the entire process go faster. Recruit someone to order takeout or make dinner for you while you de-clutter.

Find someone to pack the items you want to donate into boxes or bags, help you load items in the car, or help you to take the items to a recycling center. You can ask your husband or nanny to help you move boxes and bags to the trunk. I highly suggest this, whether you are moving home in your twilight years or not.

Keep in mind that de-cluttering is very important, and you are not the only one who will benefit from it. So, in the spirit of de-cluttering, you will need to get some help from those who will make it happen.

Decide where to start

If your entire house needs de-cluttering, it’s hard to decide where to start. You have to start somewhere. What are the areas that will have the biggest impact if you de-clutter?

Keep a notebook with you and write down all the items in your home that you are uncomfortable with. These items could be an overstuffed cabinet or kitchen cupboard. What you need to do at this point is to select one area of the room and focus on it.

Today, you may work on your room, tomorrow may be the turn of the kitchen. Continue like this, until you have completely de-cluttered the entire house. De-cluttering takes time, and you really need to take one step at a time. If you take it gradually, you will surely achieve more.

Don’t say, ‘Maybe’

A lot of busy moms hardly start to de-clutter. They keep saying maybe tomorrow or the next day. They keep procrastinating without achieving any result. Please stop saying this, because it is a delay tactic. Start de-cluttering immediately by taking one step at a time. The best time to start is now.

Listen to the clutter

Have you noticed that some parts of your home become cluttered easily and quickly? This is a sign that you really need to create an organized system, and that items in your home needs to be organized.

Buy organizing pockets for your children- where they will keep their artistic works, library books, school papers and bags. Don’t forget to teach your children how and where to pack their coats and bags when they come back from school, without you ever reminding them to do so.

Avoid being overwhelmed

You need to use your limited time judiciously. You can do this by de-cluttering in small doses. Take one step at a time; you don’t have to attempt to de-clutter your entire home in a day. Taking simple steps periodically will do the magic.

For example, you can decide to be spend 15 minutes per day cleaning and organizing one kitchen shelf, then tomorrow you tackle another task. Repeat this process, and within few days, you will have successfully de-cluttered your entire home. Failure to de-clutter your home will start if you are overwhelmed by the workload. So, don’t be overwhelmed, it is a sign of failure

Enlist your children

Help your children to develop the de-cluttering mindset. Inspire them to get involved by giving away toys, clothes, and books that are no longer in use. Give those items to people that would need them; this could be their peers or friends.

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6 Surprisinging De-cluttering Tips for Insanely Busy Moms

Adrian is part of the Tania Matthews Team – real estate with Heart.

I thought an article about decluttering would be great – ride the wave of Marie Kondo and all that! (I realize this article doesn’t read 100% smoothly, but I offered to share Adrian’s words because his ideas are spot on!)

Do you have a decluttering schedule or plan you follow? My plan is basically put up with it until I have a mental breakdown over stuff piled everywhere. People coming to visit is my catalyst to get tidying up!


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  1. Great Tips, I just started a new medication so I’m looking for tips and tricks and I’m starting lists for my big spring cleaning these tips are definitely being saved for when I’m out of remission.

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