Ensuring Healthy Family Relationships With A Busy Schedule

Ensuring Healthy Family Relationships
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Nowadays, families move at a frantic pace. Parents have their schedules jam-packed with work, parenting responsibilities and other commitments while kids have lessons, organized sports, and endless after-school programs. It’s no wonder we’re finding kids with adult-like stress problems. What happened to all the time kiddos in the ’60s and `70s had? (And ’80s! I had lots of free time! ~J)

Worse, with this hectic pace; parents find themselves exhausted and frustrated leaving little to no time for their ‘couple’ moments. This, in turn, can form the basis for a divorce – a common issue nowadays.

In fact, statistics indicate that about 42% of first marriages end up in divorce with 34% of legally married couples divorcing before their 20th anniversary. And the common cause? Lack or poor communication amongst couples and the effects are just horrific.


Well, when that’s the situation, don’t wait until it’s too late; follow the tips below for healthy family relationships amidst busy schedules.


·         Eat family dinner together

We are in a digital world where working is possible 24/7. Don’t let that be the case. Gathering around the dinner table can work wonders in ensuring a healthy family. While you eat family dinner together, you can discuss your day’s events, kids` education, plan your next vacay, help solve that math assignment, play cards. Remember, it’s all about quality, not quantity, therefore, don’t use the only time available to raise issues that can result in conflict.

You’re not alone; this habit is trending. According to statistics, 79% of parents surveyed in NBC News Parent Toolkit Poll eat dinner together with their families frequently which sees them spend more time with their children than they had with their parents.

Healthy Family Relationships 

·         Show up for the key moments

The truth is, you have work and other commitments and thus can’t spend 24/7 with your family. However, strive to be there for important moments. Be present for the key milestones in your family member’s life; be it birthdays, graduations, science fair, promotion, wedding, anniversary, or holiday.

This will show them that you’re available when it matters which will, in turn, boost their self-esteem yielding a healthy family. While at it, make the moments as memorable as possible: take photos, videos, laugh, shout, play.

Note, you’ll be required to keep these important days open and better yet, learn to say no guiltlessly if you want. Yes, you cannot attend any events because you feel obligated to; rather, create time for your family as such events will come and go unlike that key milestone in your kid’s, hubby or wife’s life. However, for a case where you can’t miss the event, tag your family along (if possible). That way, you’ll be fulfilling your set obligation alongside spending quality time with them.


·         Create time for a quick ‘Hello

Despite busy schedules, we find ourselves thinking of our loved ones, whether in passing or for a considerable amount of time. Nevertheless, they are not angels and thus will never know we thought of them unless we reach out.

Whether it’s a 2-minute call, a 5-word text or an automated ‘I love you’ message; relatively, your family members will feel your love and care. Note, it can be helpful if you’d set a reminder just in case you get caught up on a crazy day and forget to shoot that quick text. 


·         Establish some routines

You don’t have to wait for holidays to share moments with your loved ones. Establish some routines such as: having pizza or games on a Friday night, outings, car wash or a special Daddy date on Saturday.

Kids (regardless of age/gender) appreciate having family traditions highly and look forward to them. Most importantly, having story time (or quiet conversations if your children are older) before bed can bring you together more and also establish a strong bond amongst yourselves as you learn and develop family values. Remember, having these routine as the pillar of your relationship and home will set you off to a strong, lasting family ties.


·         Perform interactive activities

Monotony does kill the family vibe. In that light, be creative and come up with a vibrant activity that everyone can participate in; say, watching the next soccer premier, family ball game, swimming competition. Several researches showed that people connect more personally while active than passive. In fact, this study shows that the same concept is echoed in classrooms. Students responded more positively to active/stimulating teaching methods than passive ones.

While at it, put away technology as the resulting disruption is harmful, it eats away time meant for real-life interactions. Set a designated spot for your electronic gadgets, and avoid the temptation to check on Facebook or emails amidst family fun time.

Note, healthy and happy relationships depend on the right attitude too, so remind them to come prepared to interact and have fun during the set activity.

Ensuring Healthy Family Relationships 

·         Schedule your daily life together

One of the key ways of ensuring a family remains connected is planning its time before scheduling other activities. You can make use of google calendars, an app that help analyse family activities/plans and sync calendars. With this, you can track and schedule your time wisely.  Then your social calendar won’t edge out family time.

According to several studies, family time is important, and thus we should strive to make it a priority starting with scheduling it on our calendars. Again, having kids (who’ve different personalities, schedules) may make visiting together hard which is why we should make time rather than finding it.

Family time is an obligation, and we have to remain committed to it for a happy family. Note that planning in advance is important too as in a case where you can’t meet the set goals; your loved ones will decipher that you couldn’t make it genuinely and that you didn’t turn them down due to disinterest and a misunderstanding that can result in conflicts.


Ensuring Healthy Family Relationships With A Busy Schedule - A Guest PostConclusion

There you have it! A list of tips that can see you have a healthy and happy relationship amidst the curveballs of life. Make a commitment to your family time, establish traditions/routines, do vibrant activities together with your loved ones, show up for important moments, set time for a quick call/text and most importantly, have dinner together.

Your turn!

How do you stay connected with your family amidst busy schedules? The comments are right below.



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