Morning Cleaning Tips for the Working Woman

Morning Cleaning Tips For The Working Woman
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Many of my friends tell me I am crazy when I let them know I do the cleaning in the morning before I drop the kids at school and head off to work. Amazingly though, this is something that really works for me because if I leave it until I get back home, it just never gets done until the weekend.


If you (like me!) have a pile of laundry waiting until you can get round to getting them cleaned, and you are running out of clean dishes because you cannot remember when you last did the dishes, here are a few tips to get your home clean in the morning and still have time to spare to have a nice cup of coffee.


Morning Cleaning Tips for the Working Woman


Start in the evening

I know this sounds like I am cheating since I said I do the cleaning in the morning, but preparation needs to start in the evening. After dinner, every able-bodied person needs to know their dishes should be cleared and put in the dishwasher. This will save you time. If you do not have a dishwasher, I must point out that this is one of the must-have appliances for a working woman.

Back to evening preparations – laundry can also be put in the washer in the evening so that all you need to do in the morning is to press start. Have the kids put away their toys, hang their coats and all that, your husband may be the biggest kid so get him to do the same. Create a plan of what you will need to do in the morning and then prioritize the tasks.


Invest in cleaning appliances

I have already mentioned 2 appliances you will need to have to make morning cleaning easier. There are others as well that you may need, like a good vacuum cleaner.  Vacuuming is a lot faster than sweeping with a broom; it will also help you pick up messes on the floor like cereal after breakfast. A dishwasher, a washing machine, and garbage disposal are also necessary investments to help you get things done fast.

Morning Cleaning Tips


Create a routine

Because mornings are very busy and the time just never seems enough, it is best to have a cleaning routine that you follow like clockwork. This helps you work faster, performing the same tasks in a particular sequence every day. Even when you are very tired or hungover from a cocktail party the night before, your brain will still be able to function when performing particular tasks that you always do in the morning. One of the things to include in your routine is in the next tip below.



Get up early and make your bed

Morning Cleaning Tips For The Working WomanThe first thing I do is to make my bed because, first of all, it registers into my head that I cannot get back into it so the day has begun. Besides, in most cases if I don’t do it then, it may never get done since reasoning like, “I am going to get back into it at night so why make it” will creep in. A well-made bed also makes the room look cleaner already.


Do a quick vacuuming job after breakfast

After breakfast there are usually crumbs on the floor, spills and pet hair. I make it a point to get this cleaned up very fast. It is not like the vacuuming I would do on the weekend; this is just to get rid of particular messes especially in the eating area. It does help that I have a reliable vacuum for which sucks everything up within a few minutes. This task does not take me more than 5 minutes.


Give boards and sinks a quick swipe

I make it a habit to wipe the sink in the bathroom just after brushing my teeth and I do the same with the kitchen sink just after ensuring all the breakfast dishes are loaded into the dishwasher. It also helps that my husband empties the dishwasher in the morning as part of his contribution to the morning cleaning. Quick swipes of the boards whenever I get the chance ensure that there is not a lot of dirt on them so cleaning is quick and easier.


What you need to realize is that cleaning in the morning is not like the cleaning you will do on the weekend.  All you’re doing is little things to ensure the house is nice and tidy. Planning is quite important, and routine will make it go faster. You will also not achieve much if you do not have modern appliances that get things done faster so make sure you invest in cleaning appliances. In total, I spend 30 minutes doing morning cleaning and it is done in between getting ready for work.


Morning Cleaning TipsThis guest post was written by Carol Bell at She is a blogger with a passion for cleaning and cleanliness.


What do you in your mornings to help you stay on top of cleanliness in your home?  Share your habits and tips – maybe they’ll inspire me to get more done in my morning!

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