Kingston Canadian Film Festival 2017

Kingston Canadian Film Festival

The Kingston Canadian Film Festival has been an annual event in Kingston, Ontario for the last 16 years.  From the website:

The Kingston Canadian Film Festival is the largest festival in the world dedicated exclusively to Canadian film.

My husband’s company, Fusix Corp, has been a sponsor of the festival for many years as well.  I have never attended.  Shame on me, right?  Well, no more.

This year I have a vested interest in the KingCanFilmFest.  There are 2 films there this year that I was somewhat involved in.  One was an audition that didn’t pan out, despite that I did get a callback.  (That was my first audition ever!)  But the second film I did get a small “featured extra” part (without needing to audition.)

The first film I knew was being featured was Boneyard, the film auditioned for.  Brent Nurse was awesome to read for and you can read about my experience in my post My Newly Acquired Drive to be an Actor.  I was a little disappointed to not get a part, but honestly I’d never acted before so I had no idea what was going on, even in the audition!

Kingston Canadian Film FestivalMy acting debut will be in Sir John A and the Curse of the Anti-Quenched.  Quite a title, eh?  I’m an extra in a tour group being led around the city of Kingston.  I had a ton of fun working on this film.  It was mostly filmed around my work hours in downtown Kingston so I was able to participate without taking too much time off work.

Adam Kirkey, from Slinger Pictures, directed this film.  He’s also an extra in the tour group.  The film is playing March 4th at 4:05pm at Theological Hall on the Queen’s University campus.  You can purchase tickets ahead of time (follow the link in the paragraph above) or you can buy tickets at the venue the day of the show.  I already have my tickets – and some for my entourage!

There are 30 films showing over the 4 days – March 2nd to 5th.  At least that’s how it looks when I browse the website.  There are also a lot of other events happening in the film festival.  You can visit their website and see what’s going on around town.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in town I’ve created a review of the Four Points by Sheraton.  We stayed there in September when my sister-in-law had her wedding there.  That was a fun weekend.

Are you planning on attending something at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival this year?  Let me know in the comments.  And if you want to meet up with me to see “my” film, you can leave that in a comment as well, or contact me!

I am also always on the lookout for other acting gigs I can take part in.  I just participated in a music video as well.  You can read more about my acting on my Acting page.  I’m finding these bit parts are a lot of fun – plus I’m really interested in the process!

Hope to see you at my screening!



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