3 Mom Things I Do That Have Ulterior Motives

mom things I do that have ulterior motives

As a mom I spend a LOT of time thinking about my children.  There are millions of tiny things I do every day with my kids best interests at heart.  But sometimes I do some things with and for my kids, but there are ulterior motives at work.

Mom Things I Do That Have Ulterior Motives

  • While the girls are brushing teeth, or when I’m doing a good round of hair brushing, I’ve been known to spend a few extra minutes running my fingers through their hair.  Sometimes they like it.  Sometimes they tell me to stop.  But what I’m really doing is a really quick head lice check.  I know, it would be super sneaky if the kids didn’t already know I’m amazingly paranoid now about the tiny bugs in their hair.
  • Every night when I go check on my daughters before I go to bed I will give them a kiss on the forehead.  It’s one of the sweet, lovely mom things I do that have ulterior motives.  Placing my lips on my daughter’s head gives me a real quick check on their temperature.  Yes, every night I check my daughters for a fever.  Unless they’re sleeping in a really weird position where I can’t reach a forehead without actually climbing on the bed.
  • Fold the laundry.  I know, that sounds like a weird one.  Folding the laundry is an easy task to share with the kids, right?  It’s true – and Emma knows how to fold and put away laundry (doesn’t mean she does it, though!)  But taking the clean laundry hampers upstairs, turning on my radio, and just folding and sorting laundry is a task I like to do when everyone else is home and has been driving me bonkers.  No one comes and bothers me because they don’t want to get stuck helping.  It’s like taking “me time” without the fun of a glass of wine and a good book.

mom things I do that have ulterior motivesMaybe I’m weird, but these things give me a measure of comfort in my day.  Routine is a wonderful thing for keeping stress levels down.  And I’m sure there are other mom things I do that have ulterior motives, but they don’t jump out at me.

There must be some things you do in your parenting life that serve a few purposes.  Care to share them with me?  I’m happy to read others experiences and habits.  Leave me a message in the comments!


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  1. My wife gives my daughter showers, but on my nights its always a bath. After she’s cleaned off she likes to play with her toys in the water. I like being able to sit on the floor and read for 15 minutes relatively uninterrupted #stayclassy

  2. Ha! I like that idea about doing chores when actually, you want some me time. I will have to use this idea.

  3. Yes I think we all have our little mothering ways ๐Ÿ™‚
    I do like the laundry folding, I must hide a bottle of wine and a book upstairs for the next time I put the laundry away ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for being part of #MMBC. Have a lovely weekend xx

    1. I have been successful in reading a few pages after laundry is put away – everyone else thinks I’m still dealing with the clothes, but really I’m reading. It’s great when it works. Thanks for the comment Jayne!

  4. Hi Jess, the things us Mums do! I have been known to clear the kitchen, which having two ‘children’ aged 16 and 19, is a job I avoid. But when I want some peace and quiet I will pop on my headphone tune into Jeremy Vine on Radio two and get in the kitchen. Like you, I know I am safe to enjoy some solitude as the children don’t want to get roped into helping.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


    1. The minute my kids see headphones they’re immediately all over me. So I have to grab my music at other times – sometimes they’ll let me have the radio on what I want to listen to, but not too often. I think it’s fun to see how long you can get away with doing chores before the kids come looking! My kids are a bit younger than yours though Deb!

  5. You are an evil genius!! Just kidding. Love all your parenting hacks especially the laundry one. I get the kiss on the forehead. I do that with my 7-month-old. She is too low for me to bend in and kiss her but I put my hand on her forehead and caress her hair before I go to bed every night just to make sure she isn’t too hot or cold. #stayclassymama

  6. That head lice check is smart! I’m going to use this later when my son is older. The fever check is one that I do as well, my son has had various colds on and off over the last month almost constantly ill so I know this one very well ; ). Thanks for the tip and thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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