Every June is Busy

Somehow I forget that every June is busy.  The school year is coming to an end, extra-curriculars are wrapping up, and this year, with Rose being 5 now (!), in school and in a dance class that performs in the performance on the “big stage” it’s even busier than last year!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been to Toronto (my post about our Zoo visit is here), slept in a hotel, and have been working on a renovation at my husband’s mother’s house.  The last one is mostly Patrick’s job, but I’ve been a few Sundays to help with the grunt work.  It was nice to get away as a family because Patrick has been very busy at his mom’s, so it was good to get some family time in.

Next week the girls have rehearsals for the end of year show, Danse Les Airs, which happens at the Grand Theatre on June 18th.  The rehearsal schedule starts on Sunday and goes every night until the Friday before the show.  Of course the girls also have their last swimming lesson on the Monday night so they’re missing that rehearsal.  We’re trying to plan out the week with drop-offs and pick-ups as the girls are not needed at all the rehearsals together.  Emma will be in both acts of the show but Rose is only in Act One.  Makes for a bit of awkward scheduling, but we’ll make it work out.  All this hard work for a week (after a term of learning the dances) and then it’s over for the summer.  My class had it’s last lesson yesterday – the class moves to a Tuesday summer session which is more awkward for me to get to.  I hope to go a few times over the summer but I can’t make any promises!

With school winding down there’s end-of-year field trips, and then the pressure of a gift for the teachers (and the bus driver!)  Rose has 2 teachers in her Kindergarten classroom – that requires extra thought.  I’m glad the school year goes until the 29th of the month – gives me some post-dance-chaos time to sort things out.

As for me, I didn’t get the part in the Boneyard movie, but I’m still on tap for extra work.  At least I think so – I haven’t heard anything from the Sir John A guy but I’m only hearing once he gets his dates nailed down.  The Boneyard guy did suggest he’ll be making a comedy later in the summer (or fall) and he’d like me to audition for that.  So I guess that’s a positive!

June is BusyI’m going to be so happy when the renovations are complete at my mother-in-laws.  It’s already looking great – walls are framed and the electrical is up next.  I think in a few more week it’ll be about done.  Maybe then I can go back to sitting next to my hubby at night, watching tv and reading blogs (and Twitter!) and not really talking to him anyway…

Something I’m loving this June is all the flowers out everywhere around town.  I take walks on my lunch break some days and I snap pics and share them on my Instagram.  I love peonies and they are (mostly) in full flower right now.  This is one of my favourite photos I’ve captured over the last week.

How does your school year wind down?  Do you find your June is busy too?  From now until about October life will be a blur, but hopefully it’ll be a fun blur.  I try really hard to enjoy the summer time, but sometimes working really takes away from the enjoyment of this beautiful season.  I hope you, my readers, enjoy the summer season and have a blast with your families!


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  1. beautiful pics and a lovely post.
    this time of year the diary goes crazy! tonight we’ve had a summer concert at my son’s school tomorrow a moving up eveningnot to mention sports days etc let’s hope weather in UK stays dry-ish xx #puddinglove

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I can’t wait til our hectic dance rehearsal schedule is over. Then summer can get started without as much extra-curricular stuff going on. It’s been rainy here for the last week or so and it’s going to keep up for a bit. I hope your days stay dry!

  2. I can’t believe its June already – I swear only a few weeks ago it was Christmas. Looks like you have a very busy month, that’s annoying about your dance clss, I hope you can make it a few times. I have to say I am guilty of not buying presents for my sons teachers… (I know bad parent). Its a shame about the film, lets hope you have more luck next time 🙂 Thanks for linking with #PuddingLove

    1. Thank you hosting #puddinglove – I really enjoy your linky. And yes, my busy month is well underway, and it does feel like the entire summer just flies by but once all this dance rehearsal stuff gets out of the way life does calm down a bit. I hope I get to find some lazy days this summer!

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