Everything Happens Online Now (And I Can’t Keep Up!)

Everything Happens Online Now

Today I took a survey for an influencer program I belong to.  It quickly became apparent that I do not use the internet the way “everyone else” seems to do.


In a few of the questions I had literally no idea what they were asking me about.  What is Ibotta?  I had never hear of it before today.  So needless to say I had to check the “No, I don’t use this” box on that question.  And on many other questions.  (I think I must be the last person out there who doesn’t have Amazon Prime – and who doesn’t regularly order anything from Amazon at all!)


I have fallen way behind the curve with today’s technology. Everything happens online now and I really can’t keep up!  And frankly, I’m okay with that.

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This experience got me thinking.  I really don’t consume information or use the internet in the way the rest of the world does:

  • I still prefer books.
  • Shopping online holds no appeal for me.
  • I don’t use Pinterest for personal things – just for blog pinning and sharing.
  • What is the purpose of SnapChat?
  • I only have about 3 apps on my phone that didn’t come on it.
  • And I still prefer a computer, with a keyboard, for anything remotely resembling work.

Everything Happens Online


My techno-history

Everything Happens Online Now
When we bought computer games, they came on 4 or 5 of these awesome disks. Sometimes you even had to switch disks mid-game!

I was born in 1980.  According to the science of “now” I am classed as a Xennial.  I read something that said it is a very small generation (1979-1983) who started with an analog childhood, but ended it in the digital age.

In my life we got a household computer when I was around 12 and it had no internet for a long time.  Then we finally got dial up and if you’ve never experienced it you can’t even imagine how it was.  But at the time it was the INTERNET! and we were very excited to get on it.

All I did on this newfound Internet was email and chat rooms.  Again, never known a chat room?  I don’t think I can explain it concisely.  Imagine your FB messenger, only everyone is on there talking to each other at the same time.  It was such fun!  But then someone would come along and pick up the phone (back when they were connected to the base, and plugged into the wall) and there goes your connection…


I used to think I was pretty techno savvy.

I learned everything digital as it came along.  Household wise, anyway.  (And I never got into game systems, but I’ve used them!)  But now I’m falling way behind.  And I’m a little frightened by how much, and how quickly, technology has integrated into our modern lives.

Everything Happens Online Now (And I Can't Keep Up!)

The idea of a device in my home listening to me at all times waiting for me to say “Hey _____!” and then ask a question weirds me out.  Just last month we got our first “smart” lighting system.  I don’t like it because I hate relying on a phone or tablet to run something that would normally have a switch.  Also why does my light need to be hot pink, or forest green?  I just don’t get the appeal!

(Note – we got a larger tv and it covered up the switch for said lighting, so the SMART system was the easiest – though most expensive – way to get around the “no accessible switch” problem.)


Do you feel like everything happens online now?

At what point in your life did you get online?  Or are you so wonderfully young that you’ve never experienced a time when you weren’t connected to everything instantaneously?  And do you get SnapChat?  I just really don’t see the point of that app.  Anyway, share your thoughts about everything happening online or from devices now – I’m so interested to read your thoughts!



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  1. Oh it really does doesn’t it! I do sometimes use pinterest for personal things but not much really, and snap chat I don’t even get it! What is the point? #stayclassymama

    1. I will say I have used Pinterest for personal stuff as well, but not they way everyone else seems to. I prefer using social media to connect and share with others, not really for gathering stuff for my personal consumption. And now that I’m so connected, I find it hard to put down the phone and be offline for extended periods of time…

  2. I think you’ve hit on something interesting – what we like to use and how we use it. I like audio books on CD (to listen to in the car) because they usually have 3-5 min breaks where the MP3 has hour long breaks – which means if you miss a bit, you can’t just jump back while still driving. I prefer books too, mainly because I read in the bath or spa and they get wet. I like a keyboard because I type quicker (I’m the only person that misses my blackberry because I could type without looking at it). I love online shopping, I don’t have time to watch vlogs (because I read faster than people talk). It’s funny where it’s heading and the things we hold onto and why. #Stayclassymama

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