Fort McMurray Fires

Fort McMurray Fires

I am heartbroken at the devastation in Fort McMurray.  I thought I should share this mom’s reactions to all the media about the fires happening there now.

To be honest, when I heard there were fires in Fort McMurray my first thought was “Where the heck is that??”  Now, of course, I know where Alberta is, and I even have an idea where Calgary and Edmonton are, but Fort McMurray?  No.  I had to look it up, so I went to Wikipedia.  I actually learned a fair bit reading up on this “municipality.” (I’m still unsure how a city changes from a city to an urban service area, but I didn’t feel like clicking and reading that too…)

Fort MacMurray firesWith so much media available these days, I’ve seen many pictures and videos of the fires and the mass exodus and all of that, that it really makes it “real” and so much more heartbreaking.  Can you imagine trying to flee your home and having to drive by these horrible walls of flame?  I really can’t.  And all you could take with you is what you grabbed and stuffed into your car.

On the other side of this catastrophe is my curiosity about fires – how do they sometimes spread quickly and other times not so much?  I know it’s the wind or dry conditions, or other factors, but as a mom, if I knew there was a wildfire raging anywhere remotely near to my home and my family I would like to think I would get out before this photo is a reality.

While I was reading up on articles and such about the Fort McMurray fires (and how they got some rain in Fort McMurray yesterday!!) I did find some webpages for donations.  I’m going to share a few here for those who’d like to help.

If you live closer than I do there are ways to volunteer through the Red Cross and many other organizations.  The article on the Macleans site has tons of ways to help out.

My heart and soul cry out for these people who have lost everything they owned.  And for the emergency personnel working tirelessly to help out, even though the fire is so much bigger than anyone can imagine.  I am astounded by the fire itself, and by the success of everyone getting to safety, and opening their homes and lives to people they don’t know who’ve been displaced by such a terrible phenomenon.  It makes me think there are a lot of good people in the world.


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  1. Thank you Jess, I couldn’t have said it better myself. It is refreshing that in our self absorbed world that we take time out to help those in need, whether its by donation, or volunteering. Thanks for the links also.

    1. Thanks for the comment. It’s quite easy to find “ways to help” online, but in all my reading I did see that some “donation” sites are scams. Best to stick with the sites we know are actually helping. And yes, it’s great to see people helping people right now. 🙂

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