My Kids Watch Crap On YouTube


Are your kids old enough to read and spell?  If they are, chances are they also watch crap on YouTube.

As a blogger I’m finding I need to also know something about photography.  Someone gave me the brilliant suggestion to go to YouTube and watch videos.  What a great idea!  So I thought I’d take some time and do that.

Over I go to YouTube only to be accosted with every video of people unwrapping Kinder (or PlayDoh) Eggs, opening packages of toys, or doing doll makeovers.  Oh, and makeup tutorials (because every 8 year old wants to look exactly like Draculaura), babies that drink and then pee into a diaper that reveals a charm, or “Babies Eat Play Doh and Poop Surprise Bags.”  What does that even mean??

I figure my kids get on the actual computer 2 hours total a week – and that’s between both the girls.  I let them watch “videos” on the evening when my husband is not home.  Usually only Emma watches and often only for 30 minutes while I put Rose to bed.  The thing about Emma is she is now 7 and is resourceful enough to try to spell things, or find a book with the words in it that she wants.  Usually this is good.  Means there’s less “MOM!” and more quiet time.  But it also means she can find obscure weird things to watch.

YouTubeWhen the girls were a bit younger they watched some cartoon with a girl and a bear.  The weird thing there is that it was all in Russian (I think.)  And they would watch episode after episode.  They loved it!  The suggestions YouTube provides after you’ve watched something can be quite interesting as well.  Emma has now figured out you don’t have to do one of those, you can pick something else to watch next.

The thing now that I don’t really enjoy them watching is games.  It’s hard to explain but someone will upload what they played in a princess game of some sort so you literally watch someone else’s game progress.  You get no input, it’s like a moving screenshot and so boring.  It’s mind numbing to me, how is this interesting to them?

For me, YouTube is where you go to find a music video of interest, or watch a tutorial on something.  For them it’s just another source of entertainment.  I try to limit their time-wasting on the computer (or phone or other devices) but sometimes it’s nice to read while they’re entertained by something.  At least I can see over their shoulders what they’re watching.  And if I leave them for a bit I can always visit YouTube later and I’ll know what they saw.  Too bad I never get to see suggestions for myself based on my choices – guess that’s mom life for ya!



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  1. I use Youtube so find my son clips of the shows he’s liked and he’s just caught on that it’s an interactive thing and will press the little boxes and become delighted when they come alive. I do like this ability to select what you really want to see. As a child we had four television channels and I would just select the best from a bad bunch to watch (I know I could have turned it off but strangely I didn’t think it was an option). It’s also good that it your child expresses an interest in something you have loads of interesting information about it at your finger tips. My son’s dad thinks we should invest in a tablet for him but I think I’ll hold out with that one.

    1. Isn’t it cute when they finally figure out then can choose the next video? There’s so much to choose from on youtube that there is definitely a learning potential! Thanks so much for leaving a comment – I really appreciate it!

  2. We use youtube a lot in our house, the kids enjoy watching old programmes me and hubby used to watch like the singing kettle. They also love to watch the disney parades and theatre shows #bigpinklink

    1. That’s a great idea Charlotte – to look up old shows we used to love. I’ve done that with music videos and just girls just think I’m crazy! There are so many videos it’s hard to decide what to search first, but then you get into all the old stuff. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I have watched far too many videos of children opening “giant play-doh surprise eggs” but we also live making our own which is quite fun. My son does not enjoy creative activities but will help turn a plastic egg with a treat inside into a fabulous Nemo character, then opening it and expressing wonder at the thing inside! #bigpinklink

    1. We haven’t tried making any videos, although I have thought about it. It’s great when your kids find something they like to do, isn’t it? Thanks so much for the comment!

    1. My kids really have no interest in Minecraft. I’ve been waiting for them to come home one day and start going on about it, but it hasn’t happened! I don’t really know anything about it anyway…thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  4. Mine can’t read or spell but we have a touch screen monitor so I show them a clip of a real baby hippo in a mud bath and 10 mins later they’re watching Bob The Train sing about ABC’s AGAIN!!!! #bigpinklink

  5. I watch Youtube myself for all the cooking, baking and the other DIY home projects around but yes, there is also lots of rubbish around. My youngest watches Youtube, he loves the reviews! He actually fingered out how to press the Mic button so that he could just say what he wanted to watch as he does not know how to spell yet. At least we can monitor them. Had to giggle at the Russian show, it’s funny what they find interesting to watch. #bigpinklink

    1. Tonight I found my 7 year old watching Monster High dolls reenacting music videos. It was a little inappropriate, but she told me that so I guess I’m doing something right! There is some wild stuff on there for sure. I did find some good photography videos that actually helped me out with my picture taking. Thanks for the comment!

  6. Oh My 5 year old and youtube drives me mad! She watches water slides! Yep people filming themselves sliding down huge water slides! What happened to watching repeats of Topsy and Tim 🙁 My eldest plays music on youtube. Thanks for linking up to #puddinglove

    1. I’m so glad to hear other kids watch weird things too! I wish my kids would get into just watching music videos. That’s what I like to use it for! Thanks for the comment Rachel!

  7. We don’t really do youtube here – even I don’t really get that into it. But Pie has his little innotab with a few videos on and he quite likes that! #PuddingLove

    1. It’s nice when the kids have something you can pull out when you need to entertain them for a few minutes. As long as they don’t watch too much weird stuff! 😉 Thanks for the comment.

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