Lost ideas and a quick look back

I had big ideas last night and I lost them completely.

The article was groundbreaking – of course it was, aren’t all our unwritten ideas the best ones ever?

But what the hell was it about?

  • Doing less overall (who really wants a side hustle)?
  • Looking back on 2020? (I think my holiday letter did that already.)
  • Trying to keep it together when nothing feels right?
  • What the heck I want to do with this blog space in the new year?

I honestly have no idea what my big ideas were. They were half written in my mind, and now I can’t grasp a single one.

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So instead I’ll drop a list here of some of the articles I enjoyed making over the past year, and ask you what you’d like to read more about?

Do you like my articles that are more personal? What we did/struggles we’ve faced/my own thoughts put down in article form.


Are you interested in more tips and tricks style articles? For instance How to stay on track when you’re working at home, or How to do Date Night when the kids are home all the time.

I’d love to hear your opinions – drop me a comment and let me know!

Here’s a quick look back at a few articles that felt good for me – from the writers perspective:

And a travel post from before March, which I had a great time creating:

I won’t be writing again until next year, so keep in touch, follow me on social (@modernmomslife and @jessfoleywriter on FB and Instagram) and don’t forget to let me know what you enjoy reading about on this blog of mine!

All the best for the new year 🥂 – let’s hope 2021 goes a little more smoothly!


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