Milestones We Love But Are Rarely Celebrated

Milestones we love

As our children grow we celebrate so many milestones.  But once they’ve begun to walk and talk, it seems the celebrating stops.  I want to keep noticing, and talking about, the mini milestones that keep happening through our parenting lives.

My daughters are much older now, but there are still little things that happen in our life that are cause for celebrating – at least from the parents point of view!

Things that I think should be celebrated are often things that happen and we don’t really notice how they change our lives, but they do.  For instance, once your child can brush it’s own hair, you can get out the door faster in the morning, and maybe your little one has learned how to turn on the tv without you – does that mean you can sleep in for 10 extra minutes?


Milestones we love

I asked my friends and readers for their mini milestones they’d like celebrated.  Here’s what they said:


Monica, a fellow working mom, and Kingston blogger (find her at Maman On The Trail):

 Our son can get up and entertain himself for a bit in the morning and we are SO loving the slight sleep-ins.  He’s also capable of fetching things and LOVES it. 

(One of my kids went through a fetching stage and we loved it too! ~J)


Ashley, my neighbour and fellow working mom:

Wiping their own butts lol!!!


Diana from Go Wander Bee Happy:

When my second daughter got to about 18mo, the two girls could finally play together sometimes without me. It only lasts for a few minutes, but it’s still a nice break to catch my breath.


Julie from Fab Working Mom Life:

Just turned my son around in his car seat, held out as long as his giant self allowed, 3.5 years.


Claire from The Frugal Family:

We have almost given up the pushchair I think…


Kayla from Purely Bitter:

Best mini milestone for me is getting my oldest to learn my phone number and our address before starting school. Gave me an extra bit of reassurance and confidence that she was ready.


Sarah, a fellow Girl Mom:

My daughter finally goes to the bathroom without me…. she won’t even let me in the room! I wish she’d give me the privacy she demands… but I guess that’s something to celebrate at a later time!

Rose Turns 5


Natalie, a visitor to my Facebook page:

Oh man there are so many! I’m going to say getting rid of all the big bulky baby/toddler equipment. No more strollers, bouncy chairs, baby tubs etc…they took up so much space in our home!

(I second this one for sure – we have most of our living space back now! ~J)


Joanna from At Home With Joanna:

It’s mostly the many small acts of independence that even though they usually make a bit of a mess, it’s also great to see. Examples such as my 21 month old son Liam: bringing his post snack plate to the garbage and then the sink- the leftover food may end up all over the floor and not in the garbage, but it saves me from going into the kitchen for the 10,000th time that day. Or, him refusing to eat unless he’s the one to use the utensils (again, food on the floor but so nice to not have to ALWAYS monitor each bite). Him wanting to wipe during his diaper changes- it’s nice to not be the only one dealing with poop, but it’s sometimes more of a mess, and an extra 3 wipes are used than needed. When he wants to show me how well he can take off his diaper to try and use the potty, but does it nowhere near his potty, doesn’t tell me in time, and either pees all over the floor, or waking up to a naked baby and a pee filled crib in the morning…  Overall so many small things that are amazing to watch him do, that may cause more of a mess than necessary, but are all part of learning, growing, and fill me with pride.



My 21 year old has actually thanked me for being a good parent and apologized for her teen years. Now that’s an awesome milestone!
My 4 year old ate cooked vegetables other than corn on the cob for the first time this summer. And she now eats them a few times a week. She has some food issues, so this is great. 
My 1.5 year old has actually not fought wearing clothes lately. I love that I can go out in public and not have her pulling at her clothes to get them off!


Gabrielle from Plenty of Trays:

I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for but I love this. My older son (almost 5) cheers on and congratulates my younger son (3) when he goes in the toilet. He sounds like an adult. ‘Good job pooping in the toilet! You are such a big boy now!’ Sometimes he’ll even go pee at the same time to encourage him! 


Laura from Chaos & Quiet:

Being able to buckle themselves into the carseat! Or, even better, when they graduate to a booster and can get in AND out by themselves.


Joanna from Just The MiniMom:

My kids can vomit in a bucket when they are sick. Lol. That is one of those things that are huuuuuge parenting lifesavers when they can do it.

(Preach!  Here’s a post to read after you kids are feeling better: 5 Things To Do After Your Child Is Sick. ~J)


Christina from Mom in the Six:

My daughter helps us get her dressed! No more noodle arms when putting on a shirt. She puts her arms in the sleeves now. And stands up and leans on us so we can pull her pants all the way on. Such a small thing but so much easier and faster!


Kimberly from mittonmusings:

 It truly is the little things! How about when they get all grown up and are working away from home all summer! 

Milestones We Love But Are Rarely Celebrated


The Foley Family milestone that inspired this post was getting rid of the bin of bath toys in the bathroom.  My girls are both taking showers now, and even when they do bath, it’s more about bath bombs and quiet time than bath toys.  I can’t wait to clean up all those toys and get them out of my bathroom!!


What mini milestone are you celebrating now?  Or what went by that made your life easier?  Share in the comments!  Then be sure to follow me and get on my email list so you can participate in my next crowd sourced post.



I look forward to sharing more of my life with you – and hearing about yours!



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  1. Aww! How sweet! There are so many milestones that we don’t celebrate. This week we had one of our own. My youngest had a full shower by herself. She washed her hair and everything alone. lol

    1. My oldest is showering on her own now, but I still have to help my younger kiddo. The day will come soon when she doesn’t need my help either. It’s so great when their independance increases!

  2. This was so fun to read! My daughter turns 14 in January and I forgot about some of the (not so) little milestones. Each one is special. Thank you to all who shared.

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