Tips For an Organized Home Office – A Guest Post

Tips for an Organized Home Office

Juggling all the wonderful parental duties with your professional goals and daily tasks can seem like mission impossible. This is especially true if you have little nestlings running around the house, and your office is only a door away (or not even that far) from the chaos.  Having an organized home office is essential to getting things done!
Busy bee parents, who are veterans at this game called life, have mastered the art of constantly improving their creative nook with the help of various visual elements, stationary, and time-saving hacks.  They manage to stay inspired to work, as well as save their precious energy and spend quality time with their kids!

Smart storage

With your little rascals around, your space seems to constantly shrink with everyday toy invasions, clothes, books and munchies everywhere.  It’s unfortunate we cannot summon Merlin to use his neat magic spell and force the room to self-clean. In all that mess, you somehow need to keep your work files and documents well organized, so that you don’t spend half of your work hours searching for that missing phone number.

Even the smallest corners can be turned into a cleverly organized work station with a little help. Pockets added to the side of your desk, drawer-dividers for the smallest items and stationery, a mail sorter, and vertical shelves right above your desk – to keep little fingers away – are small and easy ways to increase your organization. Store your largest notebooks, contracts and invoices into transparent containers under your desk, and keep digital copies of your work and you’re good to go.

Think small

Details can truly make a difference. Your little office will have a completely different look and feel if you make use of some of the tiniest items you can think of. For instance, adding a colourful mouse pad, a low-maintenance plant that doesn’t take up too much space but makes a corner of your desk come to life, and colourful personalized post it notes to give your desk a little warmth, you’ll find yourself looking forward to returning to your creative oasis.

Add a framed photo of your family and fond memories, plus a few charming smileys on your laptop, perhaps a funny pen or two, and you’ll have many reasons to smile. Following a minimalistic mindset, you can make the most of these tiny additions to personalize your space and provide yourself an endless source of inspiration.

Organize yourself silly

From your weekly grocery shopping, meal prepping and laundry washing, all the way to everyday chores and unexpected changes of plans, you will make the most of your time both with your kids and during your work hours if you plan ahead. Set aside an hour or two once a week, for instance every Saturday, to list and map out your weekly agenda together with your spouse.

Tips For An Organized Home Office - A Guest Post

You can use this time to set colourful post it reminders on the fridge and your desk, perhaps even an alarm or two on your phone, and delegate errands and chores according to your available time. Be sure to take into consideration your kids’ extracurricular activities and your other responsibilities as well. Once you start your week with a clear schedule ahead, it will be much easier to handle your workload and have fun with your kids without depleting your energy completely.

To Sum Everything Up

Your living and working environment play an important role in your state of mind and ability to stay productive and happy. That’s why even the smallest and simplest changes can help you enjoy the joys (and perils) of parenthood,  while enriching your everyday routine and helping you manage your time and energy more efficiently.

About the Author

Claire is a personal and professional development expert who believes that positive attitude is one of the keys to success. You can find her online writing and giving tips about lifestyle and development as a regular contributor to

Do you keep a home office?  I don’t – I just work from my couch most of the time!  If you do, share with us how you manage to keep an organized home office.  I’d love to hear suggestions because although I don’t have an actual office, I do have blog stuff that needs a home!  Leave your tidbits in the comments.


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    1. Never-ending is right! Right now I’m collecting up stuff for a yard sale in a few weekend’s time. That means I have more clutter, not less – but I see the end goal so it’s okay! Keeping a space in my home for “office” work is not possible, but so many people (esp. bloggers!) have that so I thought this post would be great. Thanks for the comment Carol!

  1. Clean and pleasant office space makes such a difference when it comes to keeping the working focus up and the stress down. I don’t have an actual office yet – the future office is at the moment a storage for upacked boxes after the recent move! So I have been using Evernote and Asana heavily lately to organize my notes and tasks digitally. And using ONE sheet of paper at a time with a current task I am working on written on it. This helps me.
    Nice article!

    ~Nat (

  2. Hi! I’m so glad you like the suggestions.

    I can tell you from my own experience that the moment I ‘carved out’ my own home office as Jessica said, things changed for the better. I’ve been more productive and focused since then because the environment itself allows me to immerse myself in whatever I am working on.

    Thanks again for the kind words.


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