Three months in and the future is still uncertain

future is still uncertain

How are you holding up? It’s the middle of June, things are starting to reopen here in Ontario, but life is still so uncertain.

Having tweens at home means I’m not excited about day cares opening. Frankly, it sounds like more work than it’s worth for the centers who are trying to figure out how to open, how many kids to have, and how to clean every surface all the time.

My girls were looking after themselves after school, but they’re not ready to be home alone all day long. They would do no schoolwork, and likely forget to eat lunch every day.

future is still uncertain

The idea of summer day camps becoming available is great, but with such small enrollment, we won’t be finding a lot of spaces this year. That means we’ll save money, but it also means there will be weeks when the girls are at home. While there isn’t schoolwork over the summer, I dread the idea of them spending every hour of every day on a screen.

What I’m doing to survive

As a former outside-the-house working mom, all this time at home has been amazing. I feel a little lost some days, without my regular routine, but overall this has been a blessing for me.

I have ramped up my “looking for remote work” efforts and have stumbled into a few potential opportunities.

future is still uncertain

I’m writing a musician bio right now, and I had a remote job interview last week. A few companies are interested in having me write for them when their budget allows. (I’m not putting much stock in them, but nice to hear I was on the short-list.)

While the future is still uncertain, I’m expanding my horizons as far as job opportunities go. I’ve applied for so many opportunities I’ve almost lost track.

Do you need to write blog articles, or manage content? (As in uploading articles, sourcing relevant images, or sharing to social media with captions etc.) That is my niche – learning about your business and managing relevant content.

Check out my Copywriter portfolio for examples of work I’ve completed, and share it with anyone else who may benefit from my services:

How the family is coping

My husband has been working throughout the pandemic. Sometimes from home, sometimes at his store, and sometimes at client sites. He was our biggest concern when it comes to the virus, but with constant hand washing, and our city’s low virus count, we’ve been very lucky.

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The girls have been doing their schoolwork as required. Emma needs a little more guidance, as she always has, but the work gets done.

I will say I’m not a very patient teacher. I don’t know what happens during the school day, but I’m sure the teacher does not tell the students how to spell every word they want to write down…

Some days are better than others. We expect that. We have a morning routine now, with breakfast and schoolwork getting done first thing, so the rest of the day is “free.”

Where are we headed?

Who knows.

Ideally, I would find enough work to support us into the new school year. I have the option of picking up shifts at the pharmacy I used to work at, and there may be a place for me at the law office I was working at when this all went down.

But what do I actually want to do?

I want to be at home. I want to find enough work as a writer or content manager to be able to stay at home, run the house, make dinners, and actually spend time with my kids. (And my husband, of course.)

Three month in and the future is still uncertain

Will it happen? Time will tell.

If you hear of any content writing opportunites, would you let me know? Nothing is off the table right now.

I’m narrowing my niche – ideally I will support local small businesses with blog content to keep their websites relevant online. Realistically, I’m taking almost any job that comes along (that I think I can do!) While the future is still uncertain, I’m open to every possibility.

Reading and sharing my articles will help me get my name out there. Here are a few articles from my Copywriting self that I would love you to share:

Thanks for the support – it truly warms my heart!


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