10 Tips to Deal with A Lice Infestation

10 Tips To Deal With A Lice Infestation

This isn’t my first post about head lice.  But it is the first where I share someone else’s ideas to help you when you have a lice infestation.  I’ve shared my tips in Head Lice – Every Parent’s Nightmare, so be sure to pop over and read that post too!

The best way we treat when we have a lice infestation is to use a product that doesn’t have pesticides.  I find they don’t work as well anymore.  (Yes, we’ve been dealing with this for so long that I can say “anymore”…)  Instead I use a product called NYDA which suffocates the lice, and – supposedly – the nits. 

NYDA is an oil.  You apply it and leave it on for 8 hours (or more).  You can comb for the lice after 10 minutes, or at any time after that.  I love it because if I see them in the morning (it’s happened a few times!) I can spray the head before school, then wash it out when we get home.  It’s still time intensive and annoying as heck, but it definitely works.

*This post was not sponsored by NYDA – I chose to share this product because it works for us, and I truly want to help you with your lice infestation!*


Here are a few more ideas for treating a lice infestation from Gerfried, who writes at Home Remedies For Life:

You’ve taught your kids how to avoid catching lice? You’ve been checking for lice all the time while watching TV? And yet the dreaded letter from your school has arrived: Lice infestation!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise: Regardless of how well you’re prepared, you have no control over what other families do (or don’t do!). With 6-12 million lice infestations every year in the US alone every year, your children’s chances of catching lice are quite high.


The usual course of action includes:

  • A trip to the pharmacy
  • Washing your kids’ hair with chemical bombs (+ nit picking)
  • Rinse and repeat when necessary


Did you know that your chances of success with this approach are getting slimmer? More and more types of head lice are developing a resistance against pesticides. You’ll be subjecting your kids to possible side effects, potentially without achieving anything.


If you’re dreading chemicals and want to increase your chances of success, while at the same time avoiding side effects, you might want to consider the following, alternative home remedies against lice:

10 Effective and Natural Ways to Flush Out Lice


Gerfried has been a blogger since 2015, and he’s a regular contributor to homeremediesforlife.com. He absolutely hates anything that crawls in his hair and loves finding new ways to make life difficult for lice. When he’s not writing about home remedies, he’s usually outdoors on his mountain bike.

Do you have any other tips for dealing with a dreaded head lice infestation?  Please share any ideas in the comments.  And do remember to hop over to my other post on head lice to get some more information and other tips I’ve used for my girls!


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  1. I like shaving the hair off! drastic but something I so wish I could do, we seem to get infestation after infestation and with three kids it’s so time consuming. I hate the darned critters. We’ve tried all the lotions, all the essential oils, we nit comb twice a week every single week. Then just when all three heads are clear one of them comes home with a new infestation and shares it with the others. I hate them!

  2. I’m so glad my children no longer seem to catch them. In fact, it was only one out of the three children who caught them ever, and they really liked her. We used lotion and would comb a lot, which had the added advantage of keeping her long, thick hair tangle free. Always a silver lining. Also I used to plait their hair into two french plaits every school day, which I’m sure reduced the chance of them catching them. #MMBC

    1. I’m still finding ways to keep their hair up and away from other kids. And I’m trying to do a quick check every day now. At least it’s old hat and they’re old enough to sit still!

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