6 Tips For Being An Organized Mom

6 Tips For Being An Organized Mom

I never feel like an organized mom.  Some weeks feel more organized than others, but overall we live in a bit of chaos.  If it looks like I’ve got my act together, it’s all an illusion.  But that’s why I share my real life stories.

When I find things that work for me, I love to share them with you.  On this topic, though, I don’t have much to share.  So instead I reached out to my subscribers and followers.

I asked my readers to share their number one tip that helps them be an organized mom. 

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With no further ado, here are 6 tips from real moms on how they manage to be organized moms!


Tiffany, my eldest niece:  My lifesaving organization tool is one of those giant mom calendars! It stays on my fridge and keeps everything from work to doctors appointments, occasionally my husband even adds something to help keep him on track! I also take a picture of it before heading to an appointment that could require a follow up, so I know what days work best! *I love this idea – but I’m terrible at staying current on a calendar…


Brenda from Brenda Loves Sharing:  Cook enough for more than just one nightI only cook every other night, because I make enough dinner so that it lasts us 2 nights. *I love leftover dinner for lunch at work the next day. Sometimes I freeze leftovers in single portions when there’s a lot left over.

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Lexie from Mommy: Home Manager:  It really drives me crazy when I get behind on my housework! One thing that can help us busy moms to stay on top of things is breaking up household chores into small, attainable lists. Doing a little bit of work each day will prevent the mess from sneaking up on you. See how I break up my household chores, and get a printable weekly cleaning list in this post here. http://www.mommyhomemanager.com/weekly-cleaning-list/


Margaret from Suburban Tourist:  Most important thing is to make sure everybody is on the same page and committed to keeping organized. There’s nothing more frustrating and a waste of time to have one family member organize whatever needs to be done (whether it’s the kitchen, the mudroom, weekday schedules and so on) and then the spouse/partner or kid(s) fail to keep it organized. If it’s keeping things in their spot, learning to put them back immediately after using is a good practice to keep.


Elizabeth, author:  We keep a general chore list on the fridge and I share my ‘to-do’ list with my teen boys so they know what needs done and how to do their part in supporting me to do the items on the list that they can’t do  As a long-time single parent my boys know that our home is happy when we all work together as a team and we have more time to do things together.


Audrey from Travel with Audrey:  The kids and I make our school/work lunches the night before, Helps to make the morning run smoother.  One less thing to do!



6 Tips For Being An Organized MomThe only helpful tip I can share from my own life is this: Be flexible. Life always has an ebb and flow.  If you need to change your schedule, do it.  You’re the parent – if you feel you need to miss an activity, or reschedule an appointment, go ahead.  Kids need down time, as well as scheduled activities, so keep their (and your) best interests at heart.  An over busy life only makes everyone cranky – myself included!

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Do you have any great tips to keep your family life organized? I could use all the help I can get. Leave me a comment and please share!


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  1. Hi Jess, cooking for more than one day is something I do do, then I freeze the extra for those days when I really don’t feel like cooking. Being flexible is also a life saver, it pays to be able to let things go just to give ourselves a breather.

    Thank you for linking up with the #mmbc.


    1. That’s a great tip Deb. I like to use my leftovers for lunches. I’ll freeze them in individual sized containers and then pull them out when I need a lunch. I suppose I could make even more and freeze full meals too…

  2. I think your tip is one of the most important! Things get behind sometimes, and plans change, and kids (always!) have plans of their own. Flexibility is just as important as organization. 🙂

    1. Thanks Lexie! I really think it’s important to be comfortable taking that step back when you need to. If you skip a dance class (for yourself, or your child) it’s not the end of the world. Go to bed early that day and get back on track!

  3. I swear by my calendar and always try to prepare extra meals to freeze for those nights when life is feeling particularly hectic. Last year we had a great routine going where we cleaned just a few small portions of the house each day so we had a nice clean house by week’s end but we got out of the habit over the summer and I am finding it nearly impossible to get back to. #FabFridayPost

    1. I sure do know kids Su! Mine are the same. Though I think we’re past the really picky stages (thank goodness!) I do like the idea of cooking extra and having it in the freezer. That’s a popular tip!

    1. I was disorganized before I had kids – and it got way worse when I got married. My hubby is less organized, physically, than I am. Our home is disasterous most of the time simply because we have too much stuff for our space. I’m hoping to be better in the new year!

  4. These are some excellent tips. We love having leftovers for dinner, so we regularly make double batches just for that. It helps to save money, time and dishes. Going to give a few of these other tips a try, as I could always use a bit more organization in my life.

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