Why We Won’t Get A Pet

I had pets in my younger life.  In fact we had a pet when Emma was a baby.  It was a rabbit named Abby, and it was a boy.  He was awesome and super cute!  But I don’t want any more pets.  And I’m trying to teach my kids how much work a pet really is.  I’d love for them to have the responsibility of looking after a living thing, but I don’t want to get stuck doing the work.Get a Pet  Here are some other reasons we won’t get a pet.

The number one reason why we won’t get a pet is the time commitment.  Not only the years of my life that a pet is alive for, but also the hours of the day.  Both my husband and I work outside the home so we are not home during the day.  And sometimes we’re not home at night either, when the kids are at extra-curriculars or birthday parties, or if we decide to go out for a family evening.  I’m not planning my life around how many times I have to go home in a day so I can feed/walk/check on a pet.

My family has pets – if the kids want to see a dog, they’ll go to Nanny’s; a cat – that’s at Grandma and Grandpa’s (actually 3 cats but you know what I’m saying), and even at daycare there are dogs.  I love the family pets, but what I don’t love is critter claws on my bare legs in the summer, or when the little dog licks my legs for no reason.  And the pet hair – ick!  I have enough trouble staying on top of the cleaning in my home without adding pet messes to it!

Now that my kids are out of diapers and baby stuff the last thing I want to be doing is still dealing with poop.  When you get a pet you’re signing up for that critter’s lifetime of cleaning up its excrement.  Strangely I don’t find myself wanting to do that at all.  I’ve been training my kids for the last 7+ years and they’re getting it now – I don’t want to start again.

Don’t get me wrong, pets are cute and great fun.  They can be wonderful companions and learning tools for kids, but they can also be neglected.  We want to be able to travel whenever we want, without making concessions for our pet.  I’ve done the pet-sitter thing, as both a pet sitter and a pet owner, and it’s not great on either side.

Lots of families choose to get a pet when their children are old enough to help look after one.  I don’t think we’re going to be one of those families.


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  1. Good for you! Pets aren’t for everyone and it’s much wiser to recognize that you aren’t able to give a pet the time and care he deserves than to get one and not take care of him properly!

  2. I think we’ll tread the same path as you – my little girl loves animals, but I see way too many families where a pet is left home for hours on end, passed on to kennels or friends to look after during holidays, and sometimes rehomed when the (immense!) commitment gets too much.

    Pet-sharing is a great idea – all the good bits, less of the bad bits (read: poop)!

    Happy to have found your blog via #StayClassyMama

    1. I also like the idea of pet-sharing. And with a lot of family who has pets my kids get the experience without the commitment. It works out well for us. Thanks for stopping by Lorrie!

  3. We had existing cats before we had our first child. It is a lot of extra hassle you are right! But I couldn’t be without them (the kid or the cats!). Our son has a great relationship with the little cat in particular, I think its great that kids interact with pets on a regular basis but they don’t have to be your own #stayclassymama

    1. I’m glad to hear your “existing cats” work well with your young family! (I just love that turn of phrase!) Thanks for stopping by and commenting Sarah. I appreciate it!

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