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Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and website. This post is intended to give you an overview of what I hope to accomplish as a writer and a mom.

A Modern Mom’s Life grew out of my long dormant desire to write. Period. Now that I have children, and a fledgling business, I welcome this opportunity to get writing.

As a mom who worked outside the home pre Covid, I was always busy.  Life rushed by, and I wished I could slow it down and capture more of the moments.

Now that things are completely uncertain, my girls have been at home with me for months, and I don’t completely hate it.

I’ve spent this stay-home time building up a freelance content writing business. I specialize in blog articles to support small businesses. You can read more about that on my Writer for Hire page.

A bit about my business:

Jess Foley – Writer (or sometimes Copywriter) is my business. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram.

My business model is very fluid at the moment. I’ve written a musician bio, some blog content for an agency, and I’m currently a freelance content manager with Kingstonist. My dream is to work closely with a few local businesses, creating blog content to support their online web presence.

You’ll see a Copywriting tab at the top of the page. In that section you’ll find a collection of articles you can browse. I’ve created those to help you support your own business. Some topics include: how to decide what keywords to use; why you should have a blog on your business website; and how blogs increase SEO.

Get in touch if you’re interested in a consultation to see how I can help you improve your business website: jessica@patandjessica.com. My consultations are no charge.

Welcome to A Modern Mom's Life - A blog for working parents.

About this blog:

As a working mom I’m always looking for tips and tricks to make life easier. In my Working Mom category I share some posts about having a busy family life, raising tween daughters, and my views on the world from the busy working mom perspective.

I’m also looking for other mom-preneurs to feature on my blog. If you’re running a business I want to hear from you!

Even though I’ve been at this for over four years I’m still learning.  I have a category dedicated to blogging, and there I post things I’ve discovered, or updates on how my blog is doing.  I hope to share tidbits of my blog knowledge as a continue to learn more about being a successful blogger. There is no end to the learning, I’ve discovered!

Staying active is a huge goal of mine.  Joining a dance class is the best thing I’ve done in years as far as keeping me motivated and “working out.”  In my Active Living category I try to share tips for sneaking exercise into my busy life, or even just muse on how easy it is to sloth out and do nothing – especially in the winter!

Family Fun and Travel are categories where I share stuff we get up to as a family.  I’ve been able to get a few discounted admissions to attractions in exchange for reviews on the blog.  That’s so amazing to me!

Some of my content is hyper-local

My daughter Emma and I have some quiet aspirations to become famous. In my Acting/Modelling category I post about our adventures in the land of stardom. Really though we’ve been to one casting call together and I got a part and she didn’t.  (The company decided to not use kids after all…)  I have short blurb on my Contact Me page that talks about the few “extra” parts I’ve had in the last year.

I live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and I am actively trying to support local businesses.

Since Dec 2018 I’ve also been writing for a local media outlet – Kingstonist. I started there as an occasional contributor, but since have been promoted (?) to a paid freelance position doing press release rewrites and creating Business Features. If you’d like to learn more about what I can offer you in terms of promotion on Kingstonist, email me here: jessica.foley@kingstonist.com

Of course I have a Work With Me page where you can read about ways I’d love to work together.  Guest Posting, Reviews, Freelance Writing, Social Sharing – I love working in all these areas.

This blog of mine is always a work-in-progress and I love feedback.  Please leave me comments or send me an email with your thoughts.  I also do crowd sourced posts from time to time, so sign up in the box in the right sidebar. 

(Make sure you check your spam folder – sometimes my confirmation emails get lost there.)

Be sure you take a few minutes to reply to my welcome email – I love getting to know my readers!

I look forward to sharing my words with you.  

Welcome to A Modern Mom’s Life!

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  1. Hi Jessica, nice intro, I am a working mom too and wannabe Mom blogger.
    I’ve signed up to your newsletter because I can already relate to al your blog posts. Looking forward to more words of wisdom. Have a great day!

    1. Sometimes I think we’ve bit off more that we can chew. Other weeks I’m happy to be busy. Life is what it is. I hope you enjoy the blog. Don’t forget to sign up to get my newsletters!

  2. Great post idea! I have something like this in my About Me section of my blog. I’m also a busy working mom with a almost 2 year old. I’d love to contribute to your blog!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Lisa! Being a working mom is a lot of, well, work! I think it teaches us flexibility and some organization skills. Also how to stay in a routine with a spouse so you can figure out who takes who where, and when. I find that the hardest part – getting the after school activities sorted out!

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