This is Jess Foley – Writer

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and website. This post is intended to give you an overview of what I hope to accomplish as a writer and a mom.

This blog, A Modern Mom’s Life grew out of my long dormant desire to write. Period. Now that I have children, and a fledgling business, I welcome this opportunity to get writing.

As a mom who worked outside the home pre Covid, I was always busy.  Life rushed by, and I wished I could slow it down and capture more of the moments.

Now that things are feeling uncertain (though heading in the right direction now), my girls were at home with me for months, and I didn’t completely hate it.

I spent the stay-home time building up a freelance content writing business. I specialize in blog articles to support small businesses. You can read more about that on my Writer for Hire page.

A bit about my business:

Jess Foley – Writer (or sometimes Copywriter) is my business. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram.

My business model is very fluid at the moment. I’ve written a musician bio, some blog content for an agency, and I’m currently the Assistant Editor and Lead Content Manager with Kingstonist. My dream is to work closely with a few local businesses, creating blog content to support their online web presence.

You’ll see a Writing tab at the top of the page. In that section, under Tips for Great Content you’ll find a collection of articles you can browse. I’ve created those to help you support your own business. Some topics include: how to decide what keywords to use; why you should have a blog on your business website; and how blogs increase SEO.

I also write an occasional newsletter which I share content writing tips and tricks to get your business seen on the internet.

Get in touch if you’re interested in a consultation to see how I can help you improve your business website: My consultations are at no charge.

About this blog:

As a working mom I’m always looking for tips and tricks to make life easier. In my Working Mom category I share some posts about having a busy family life, raising tween daughters, and my views on the world from the busy working mom perspective.

I’m also looking for other mom-preneurs to feature on my blog. If you’re running a business I want to hear from you!

Even though I’ve been at this for over four years I’m still learning. I have a category dedicated to blogging, and there I post things I’ve discovered, or updates on how my blog is doing. I hope to share tidbits of my blog knowledge as I continue to learn more about being a successful blogger. There is no end to the learning, I’ve discovered!

Staying active is a huge goal of mine. Joining a dance class was the best thing I’ve done in years as far as keeping me motivated and “working out.” In my Active Living category I share tips for sneaking exercise into my busy life, or even just muse on how easy it is to sloth out and do nothing – especially in the winter!

Family Fun and Travel are categories where I share stuff we get up to as a family. I’ve been able to get a few discounted admissions to attractions in exchange for reviews on the blog. That’s so amazing to me!

Some of my content is hyper-local

My daughter Emma and I had some quiet aspirations to become famous (pre-pandemic). In my Acting/Modelling category I write about our adventures in the land of stardom. Really though we went one casting call together and I got a part and she didn’t. (The company decided to not use kids after all…) I have short blurb on my Contact Me page that talks about the few “extra” parts I’ve had in the last few years.

I live in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and I am actively trying to support small and local businesses.

Since Dec 2018 I’ve also been writing for a local media outlet – Kingstonist. I started there as an occasional contributor, but since have been brought on staff as a Lead Writer and Business Features Manager – now I’m the Assistant Editor. I rewrite press releases, seek out and write local interest stories, and create Business Features. If you’d like to learn more about what I can offer you in terms of promotion or advertising on Kingstonist, email me here:

Of course I have a Work With Me page where you can read about ways I’d love to work together. Guest Posting, Reviews, Freelance Writing, Social Sharing – I love working in all these areas.

This blog of mine is always a work-in-progress and I love feedback.  Please leave me comments or send me an email with your thoughts.  I also do crowd-sourced posts from time to time, so sign up in the box in the right sidebar. 

(Make sure you check your spam folder – sometimes my confirmation emails get lost there.)

Be sure you take a few minutes to reply to my welcome email – I love getting to know my readers!

I look forward to sharing my words with you.  

Welcome to A Modern Mom’s Life by Jess Foley – Writer!

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  1. Hi Jessica, nice intro, I am a working mom too and wannabe Mom blogger.
    I’ve signed up to your newsletter because I can already relate to al your blog posts. Looking forward to more words of wisdom. Have a great day!

    1. Sometimes I think we’ve bit off more that we can chew. Other weeks I’m happy to be busy. Life is what it is. I hope you enjoy the blog. Don’t forget to sign up to get my newsletters!

  2. Great post idea! I have something like this in my About Me section of my blog. I’m also a busy working mom with a almost 2 year old. I’d love to contribute to your blog!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Lisa! Being a working mom is a lot of, well, work! I think it teaches us flexibility and some organization skills. Also how to stay in a routine with a spouse so you can figure out who takes who where, and when. I find that the hardest part – getting the after school activities sorted out!

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