Blogging and Working Mom – Can I Do Both?

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Every year at this time I start to wonder if I can really hack being a mom and being employed 4 days a week.  The kid’s extracurriculars all end in the same week, there’s a dance performance to attend (and organize family and friends to attend also) and the school year is winding down – with field trips and other end of year events.  Throw onto that the nice weather and my desire to get gardening and just generally be outside more, and then my blog.  Sometimes just blogging and working outside the home is enough stress – June just adds to my busy life!

This year we have a little extra stress as my husband is involved with a big renovation project at his mother’s place.  What that means is he’s not home until 10pm or later almost every day.  While that doesn’t really impact our home life (besides that the kids don’t see him much during the week) it does mean I stay up later than I otherwise would so we can have time to catch up on our days together.  That makes me feel extra tired, but I know this is just temporary and I do like having our chats so I guess I’ll just make more coffee in the mornings.

I have a great network of family and friends who help me look after my kids when I need to be working.  Now that both the girls are in school, the need has lessened a little, but everyone is still there to help us out.  I recently authored a post about surviving as a working mom.  I could not get by without the “village” that helps raise my kids.


Blogging and Working Mom - Can I Do Both?

When I started blogging I really had no idea what was involved.  I naively thought I would just write some stuff and people would read it.  While that is the idea of blogging, no one can read what you write if you don’t share it across the internet.  And that takes a lot of time – and a lot of social media websites. I recently joined up to Pinterest and strangely I’ve seen an increase in my blog views over the last few days, even though I only have about 15 followers.  It’s wild!

My blog schedule (if I can call it such a thing – there’s no actual scheduling done ahead of time) is pretty wishy-washy.  I work on posts and social sharing either while the kids are eating breakfast or after they are in bed.  This is not a lot of time in the week.  Sometimes I can have a few hours on a weekend if Patrick takes the kiddos to a build at a hardware store, or to a movie, so that helps me get some stuff done.  And Wednesdays are my “day off” during the week so I can usually fit in an hour or two there, around all the laundry, tidying, grocery shopping, and whatever else I need to jam into my one free weekday.

I have been known to occasionally jot down a thought in the middle of my work days, but I try had not to think too much about my blog while I’m at work – easier said than done!  On my breaks I browse some social media sites, or tweet a blog post from a day or two ago, and then wonder why I don’t feel like I really had a “break.”  Now that it’s nice out, I go outside to eat my lunch and that forces me to be disconnected for a few minutes in my day.  Although I find I want to snap photos when I’m outside, but that’s a story for another post!


What will my future bring?  Who knows – blogging and working are on my life plan for a long time yet.  Ideally I’d love to use my blog to bring in some cash flow and cut back my outside the home work hours.  Right now this is just a dream, but there’s hope that I’ll see it happen.  I don’t really like the idea of placing ads on my blog – I feel it detracts from the writing – and I’m not popular enough to really get into sponsored posts yet.  Reviews are my forte at the moment, and I’m branching out there a bit – getting into travel posts and hotel reviews – which saves us some money, but no making money there yet.  (If you’re interested in working with me for review posts or any other blog related business, contact me!)

Do you work outside the home and blog?  Leave me a comment and share your tips for keeping a work-life balance.  Bonus points if you’re a parent because that is also a full-time job!

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  1. I don’t work any more, I packed it in when baby no. 2 came along, but I have started a degree course so my time is more full, but also a bit more flexible than working 4 days a week!

    I think you’re doing really well juggling everything and your blog is really nicely written, so people will definitely come. I’m glad you’re getting traffic from Pinterest, it doesn’t work me at all!

    If you fancy doing a guest post exchange so some of my readers can see your work I’d be up for that (I know it’s more to add to your stresses, so don’t worry if you can’t find the time).

    It was nice to find you!


    1. What a sweet comment Jenny! When I find a few minutes I will visit and read your blog and then think about potential guest post ideas – see if I can come up with something to share that your readers will enjoy as well. Thank you so much for the offer!

      I appreciate the kind words. 🙂

    1. I’m hoping to get a few more reviews than just books. I find it hard to suggest I’d like to be paid for reviews – most folks seem to think doing reviews in exchange for product is good enough. I’ll have to be more assertive I guess! Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi Jessica, I work full time, two kids and have just started blogging. I am really loving it but had no idea how much time it would take and how quickly I would become totally obsessed with it. I’m loving it though and feel it has improved my confidence no end so am going to find the time for it wherever I can! #stayclassy

    1. I’m glad you find blogging a boost to your confidence! While it can be hard to find the time I find it incredibly rewarding! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  3. It’s so hard isn’t it? I run a business from home and find it seriously so stressful trying to do that, blog and run the household. It is genuinely so much work! No-one outside the blogging world gets the sheer volume of hours SM promotion takes I don’t think! Thanks for linking. #bigpinklink

    1. It is hard! I can’t say my blog is anything close to a business, so I can’t imagine how much more work that would be! The social media stuff can be so exhausting. Keep up the good work!

  4. I work but I have the mixed blessing of a 3 hour round trip to work so that’s when I get most of my blogging / linky duties done tapping or scribbling away on a slow train.

    If I want to cross-promote I use platforms like IFTTT to save the aggro of posting to multiple sites manually.


    1. I can definitely see how that commute could give you some great blogging time! But also – ugh! What a long commute!! I stay up too late working after the kids are in bed most of the time. I love when I can pump out 2 or 3 posts and then schedule them for the next few days. But then I fall behind reading my books for review. It’s quite a cycle.
      Thanks for the comment!

  5. Jessica, I find your writing style refreshing as not all mom bloggers actually have the grammar and flow down to the point where I actually enjoy reading. I am trying to blog as well, and I would like it to generate income, but I’m pretty clueless. I have figured out that writing well seems to be neither necessary nor extra helpful to this end. I work from home in addition to blogging, but I don’t have anyone to help with my three littles. This limits my hours. Any helpful hints you share are appreciated!

    Susan Croox, aka @gloriousmomblog

    1. I am finding it very tough to carve out some time with blogging and working outside the home. Finding some time without your kiddos is key, I think. I sometimes try to blog (or do anything on the computer) when they’re around but it never works out. They either interrupt my flow or they want to sit on my lap and look at what I’m looking at and that is never helpful for the creative process!
      Generating income from a blog seems to be mainly a number game – I’ve done one post for $ and it was a one shot deal. I just don’t have a big enough following. It may come in time, but until then I’m stuck working a day job too!
      Thanks for you comment Susan. 🙂

  6. I know exactly where you are coming from! I work full time and have my son and my blog. For me, I just snatch and an hour here/ 20 minutes there – I can’t schedule too much, although I will set aside at least two evenings a week to write or comment- in place of watching TV or reading a book. #stayclassymama

    1. I do most of my work in 2 evenings as well. Now that extracurriculars are finishing up I may lose out on some of that time as well! And sometimes I cheat and do it while watching tv, but that just leads to me not paying attention to either one!
      Thanks for the comment!

    1. I know – a lot of people don’t have a large families, or friends, close by. I’m aware I’m very lucky in that regard. And they all still like my kids now that they’ve grown out of the baby stages! Thanks for the comment!

  7. I am so happy to have clicked on this post. I am currently off work on maternity leave and that’s why I make the most of it. I am aware that when I am back to work in January, it won’t be the same story. Blogging is so addictive and I always want more so I spend more and more time on it… Good luck with it all, it looks like you have a fabulous circle of family and friends to help you. #MMBC

    1. It really is addictive. Sometimes I have to step away from the computer – it can suck up every evening if I let it! My hubby doesn’t like it when I spend so much time blogging. But he’s out (working) a lot of evenings anyway so it mostly works out. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

  8. Blogging can be so time consuming can’t it, but yet so rewarding and not to mention addictive!
    I work from home, I have since having my two boys and it works for us.
    I wish you all the very best with your blogging journey and am sure the monetising of your blog will come.
    It sounds like you have a lovely circle of friends and family around you, so lots of support 🙂

    Thanks so much for joining in with #MMBC I hope you can make it next week xx

    1. Thanks for the comment Jayne! I stumbled over your linky quite by accident this week but I plan to return! Thanks, also, for the kind words. I’m very lucky to have supportive family, and I’m hopeful to someday make a few dollars from my blog. I appreciate you stopping by!

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