How the Coronavirus Pandemic is affecting me as a working mom

Coronavirus Pandemic

So much anxiety…

I’m writing this from my desk at work. It’s Monday, March 16th, 2020 and every time I pop onto social media, a news site, or even my email, something else is closed.

This time of uncertainty is taking an emotional toll on me. On one hand, Kingston doesn’t have any Covid cases – or at least that’s the story right now, but on the other hand, we need to reduce interactions, be smart and wash our hands. Until the government stops or closes the services that we use in our office, we will continue to work.

And what about my kids?

They’re with family this week – out of town – and are being safe and well cared for. But what about next week, or the next? Not knowing is so hard. I’m growing a nice little anxiety ball behind my breastbone that makes sure to tell me it’s there often during the days.

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Information Overload

The amount of information out there is amazingly overwhelming. I am very easily distracted when the news comes on the radio, or when my email goes “ping!”

I’m reading and listening to so much, but hardly absorbing it. Life feels surreal. It’s like the beginning of a dystopian novel. I know all these precautions are to avoid that becoming the case, but it doesn’t help me let go of the stress.

The future

How will this play out? I don’t know. Right now I’m following recommendations, washing my hands near-constantly, and trying to practice social distancing.

I would love to be quarantined at home, but what about my workplace? They can’t afford to pay us to not be there. Yes, we can do some work from home, but we can’t complete real estate deals without meeting clients.

Things are so unsettled – I feel as though all non-essential services will shut down. Good thing I went to the LCBO over the weekend!

This feels like a great opportunity to get writing, but I am not feeling creative at all right now. I have a ton of thoughts waiting in drafts for some future creative moments, but now is not that time.

I’m enjoying being on social media, sharing the news – as it’s relevant to me and other working parents or local families – and participating in the community there. Stick with me there for updates and personal sharing of this pandemic – and how it’s affecting me, my family, my workplace, and my sanity. Find me @modernmomslife on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

And please, chime in with your experiences, thoughts, boredom busters, and anything else you’d like to talk about.

I have a FB group as well. Come hang out with me there: Busy Parents Hangout. I will definitely be more active there if and when they close down my workplace.

Be safe, practice social distancing and keep washing those hands!


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