Working Moms & Real Life Resolutions

Working Moms & Real Life Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions: A fresh beginning, a new start.  But for working parents, resolutions can be hard to make, let alone stick to!

Parents are busy people.  More so if they both work outside the home, as we do.  I rarely make resolutions, mainly because I try hard all year do to things like eat healthier, be more active, have more/quality time with the kids and spouse, etc.  

If I could wave a magic wand on New Year’s Eve, I would create more time.  More hours in the day,more days in a week, just more time to get everything done!  But that’s not a resolution, just a busy working mom’s wish.


Working Moms and Real Life ResolutionsMy Working Mom Tribe shared some of their real life resolutions with me.

OMG Parenting: 

My self care includes an oooy gooy chocolate treat three times a week, ALL TO MYSELF, for MYSELF.


Tiffany (My niece and amazing blog supporter! She also runs a home daycare.): 

This year my resolution is to become healthier! After Ricky was born last year (he just turned 1!) I have done a lot of sitting and eating junk food so for 2018 I want to be more active, shed some extra pounds and start eating and feeding my family better, healthier food! Less take out – more family dinners! 

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Julie from Fab Working Mom Life

Get organized for the coming week on Saturdays so Sunday nights are not such a rush and madhouse. Will I keep this as an active goal? Well, I didn’t do so hot this weekend and it was a 3-day. HA!


Chelsea from The Mommy and the Mini

My resolution for the year is to find more activities and outings to do with my family. I feel as though we already do a lot, and I don’t want to force so much time as a family onto my fiancé, but I know if it was fun, he’d be in for it. I want to do more things outdoors, and also do things that are a bit out of our comfort zone and try out!

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Caitlin from Snuggleosophy: 

To shut myself in the bathroom less and find alternatives to get alone time. 


Real Life ResolutionsLissa, working mom and blog supporter

I’m not one to make a resolution as I am constantly nitpicking myself to be better and grow (an obnoxious habit to myself and everyone around me). I did, however, just purchase an “Everyday Bravery” pin from Emily McDowell Studio (@emilymcdowell_ on Instagram) that I am learning to use as my new mantra. 


Hailey, a fellow working mom and contributor to my Working Mom Series

Mine is to continue to try to find what works for me to help me be more present at home with the kids. For now I’ve been running for thirty minutes after work to help shake off my work day. I’ve downloaded some audio books and listen to those while I run to help it not feel as boring. I’ve also been trying to be more conscious about how much time I spend on my phone when I’m with my kids. I’m trying to put my phone down on the entry way table when I get back from my run and not look at it until after the kids go to bed. To be fair I have an Apple Watch so I’m still seeing all my texts come through but it keeps me off social media and I don’t respond to the texts until the boys go to bed.


Real Life ResolutionsThirdLove is a bra company working to #breakthemold with an anti-resolution campaign they’re running.  I thought their message would fit well with my real life resolutions post!  They offered to create me a card to share my real life resolution easily across social media, so of course I said yes!  I did not receive any compensation for mentioning them in my post.

Let’s be honest, the usual resolutions rarely work out. So this year, the bra company ThirdLove is encouraging Moms to let go of guilt over their resolutions and embrace life’s real imperfections. Maybe you’re letting go of your guilt over taking a leisurely lunch outside like their co-founder Heidi. Maybe you’re giving yourself a break for splurging on a set of cute bras for yourself. Whatever it is, ThirdLove is inspiring women to think differently about their typical resolutions this year! Personally, I’m giving myself a break on constantly “checking in” on the blog. Now that my blog seems to be getting organic traffic, I feel like I can “check in” less often. As long as I make enough time weekly to write up new posts, I don’t really need to be on the blog every day checking things out.

If you want to join my tribe, and be part of my upcoming posts, be sure to join my email list: 


Share your real life resolutions with me.  I want to know what you want to achieve this year – or what you want to stop trying to do!  Leave me a note in the comments. 


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  1. These are great. Love the honesty of all these moms. Personally I don’t really make resolutions since stuff always seems to get in the way. I just try my best to move forward. Any progress is great at this stage in my life lol!

    1. Resolutions are a funny thing. I don’t really make them, but the new year sees me often try to get “back on track” with things like eating healthier and getting more active in my life. I also love sharing the “real life” side of parenting. Polling my audience is so much fun, and you learn a lot about your fans and readers!

    1. This is often my approach as well. I do find the new year acts as a reminder of these little changes I tried to make through the year – and I work to get back on track with those. Thanks for the comment!

    1. Right? Time just flies away all the time! I also think getting your next week sorted on a Saturday sounds like a great idea. Then maybe you can sit down and relax for a few minutes on Sunday before the week gets hectic again!

    1. It truly is – I’m trying to let go of some of the over-visiting I do with my blog and social media pages. I really don’t need to check in so often, but I like staying engaged. Balance is a hard thing…

    1. That’s what I love about these posts Caitlin – everyone shares how they feel, or what they do, in their real life. We all have our own ideas and opinions, and that’s what makes us special and unique. I hope you’ll join me again for more of these crowd sourced posts!

  2. It sure is hard to find that balance, isn’t it??
    I’m also working on letting go of the devices and computer time. It’s harder than I expected it to be. *shrug*
    Thanks for the tips!

  3. I am going to try and prioritise correctly. I was probably guilty of not ordering things and more importantly people as I should have dons I am going to work toward rectifying that. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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