This Working Mom’s Wish List (If Time & Money Were No Object!)

This Working Mom's Wish List


As a working mom, in a household with two working parents, there are a lot of things in my life that I let slide.  What I mean is if I had more time (and money) I would do a lot more things in my daily life.  But then I’d have to do a lot less as well – as in work less hours!

I thought it would be fun to share my Working Mom’s Wish List with you all.


Getting my eyebrows done. 

For a short while I was having regular face waxes from Jenn at Cove Esthetics.  She is wonderful and she does a “Perfect Brow” that is amazing – as long as you go routinely.  Sadly, I don’t feel like my skin care/appearance is more important than doing laundry, or tidying up at home. 

Because of that I don’t look after my appearance well enough (or frequently enough) to stick to a waxing schedule.  Also, money.


Getting more exercise. 

While I do manage to sneak some active time into my weeks, I have really fallen off with this.  I do take a weekly ballet class (when I’m not on for looking after the kids that night) as well as try to take a walk on my lunch break twice a week, but I feel like I could slip some more short exercise bursts into my day.  


Related: Read about my foray into adult ballet, and how I felt after taking classes for a year.


Spending more time with my kids. 

This one is a given, though I do find I lose my mind a bit if I spend too much “unplanned” time with the kids.  You know, just being at home and doing nothing. 

When I’m at home I feel pressure to be doing laundry and cleaning up non stop. That means I have a hard time just letting the kids be kids – make a mess, fight with each other, play with 3 different things at the same time, and so on.  So while I would love to spend more time with them, I often need to have some sort of plan in place, often with an activity that takes us out of the house for a bit!


Work less while still maintaining my level of income.  (Or make more money, which would be amazing!) 

I’m (very, very) slowly working on this.  With my blog I am able to get some items to review – for free – that I would otherwise be buying for myself or the girls.  Foodstuffs and clothes are my favourite things to get in exchange for reviews.  Also when I can score some travel help (like a hotel stay or admission to an attraction) that is so amazing.  While I am finding a few paid blogging gigs, my following is still very small for many brands to be interested in working with me.


Related: I’m branching out to and learning about Facebook Ads. (I need a few clients to help me get my feet under me, so if you would like to try out an ad for your business or blog, please contact me!) & A Modern Mom’s Life does reviews!


This Working Mom's Wish List (If Time & Money Were No Object!)Spending time with my girlfriends. (Or any friends!)

Much like spending time with my kids, I DEFINITELY don’t make enough time to visit with my girlfriends.  Part of the problem here is that I don’t have a lot of close girlfriends (if any really) and those I do know all have kids and busy schedules.  And also like my first wish (keeping tidy eyebrows) I don’t place much importance on spending time on myself – which includes my friends.  I know this is totally wrong and I should make the time to look after myself, but it’s hard to make that a priority.  



What would you put on your working mom’s wish list?  Leave me a note in the comments – I love to hear from other working moms!  And if you’re interested in being in my Working Moms Series, contact me for more information.  I’m always on the lookout for more amazing ladies to feature!


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  1. While I am not a working mom I can relate to many of these things! I am still trying to carve out time to exercise regularly and getting together with any of my mom friends that work or have kids in public school is tough. It is so hard to mesh schedules! I do get my eyebrows done every 6 weeks; my hair dresser does them for me and she has learned to schedule my next cut/brow wax while she has me as a captive audience (one time I went a full year between appointments while I kept saying “I’ll call you to set something up). I’ve learned to make the appointment and at least that way if I can’t make it (which rarely happens as I work around it) we automatically reschedule.

    1. Making “next” appointments while you’re at an appointment is a great way to stay on top of this stuff. I do it for the dentist – why not for everything else? Great tip!

  2. I thought it was just me! I’m a working mum, we both work, we have two boys in different schools, five years between them. No time, not enough money, never had my eyebrows done, need to see friends before I have none! And as for getting fit…
    Great article…we are not alone. You did make me smile, thanks.

    1. I’m glad you identified with my post. I love knowing I’m connecting with other people out there in the same sorts of lifestyle as me! Best of luck finding that “balance” Liz!

    1. A cleaning afternoon sounds just right to me! Bare minimum is where we are at too – and I don’t really like that. Every job is done to the point where it’s livable, but not fully complete. I don’t much care for that!

  3. Yes! We’re also in a household of two full time working parents. If I could get paid the same (or more) and work half as much, it would be like a vacation every day! But life isn’t so bad the way it is!

  4. Ha I think those bottom two and the ultimate wish of working mums everywhere! If you find out how to do it do share. As for eyebrows and exercise. Yep same here I could definitely do with more time to do both of those things. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

  5. I can so relate to wanting to work less….I never understand those people who win the lottery and continue to work. If I had plenty of money then (apart from sharing it) I’d definitely give up work and explore the world ๐Ÿ™‚ Life is too short x

  6. These is my wish list from when I used to work full time! I hope you can find some more blogging paid opportunities and work away from home fewer hours soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Thank you for sharing with #StayCLassyMama

  7. Hi, I am sure that may came relate to this post. I am always calling up for that emergency eyebrow wax. I am also looking into HIT to see I can fit that into my day #MMBC

    1. I think HIIT has great potential as far as fitting it into a busy life. I made sure to schedule my next waxing appointment when I left my last one, so I had no excuse this time!

  8. I could add a few things to my wishlist Jess. Having a nice lie-in would be one of them! Working from home was the best thing I could have ever done. I get to spend more time with my boys and enjoy what I do.
    l hope you get some nice blogging opps in the near future ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. Hope to see you Monday.

    1. Something has happened to my biology that I cannot stay in bed past 7am. Though that does count as a “lie-in” for me. (We call it sleeping in on this side of the pond!)

      Thanks for the kids words Jayne – I really enjoy your linky!

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