10 Things That Make Me Happy

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Sarah from Digital Motherhood tagged me in her post “10 Things That Make Me Happy”.  I thought that was great – an idea for a post practically ready to go! 

I also participated in the Sunshine Blogger Quiz but I’m not sure if any of the folks I tagged kept that chain going.

Anyway, this is a post on 10 Things That Make Me Happy.  Let’s get to it!

My Husband

Without him I would be completely lost.  He’s a rock, and he works way too hard to support us.  He is also able to alter his schedule for all the crazy dance weeks we have, and he takes them to regular dance classes almost all the time.  At least the weeknight ones.  If it wasn’t for him the girls wouldn’t be able to go!  I know sometimes he feels under-appreciated (just like I do) but we love him more than life itself. 

Ontario Science Centre

My Daughters

I know I gripe a lot about the kids.  But that’s a mom’s job – especially if she’s trying to be a mom blogger!  But really, my girls are amazing.  Everywhere we go people seem so surprised at how good they are.  I love watching the biology and psychology of their lives.  At this point I have a hard time believing they were ever inside my body.  And now that they are old enough to be emotionally bullied, and have their feelings hurt by much tinier moments in life, I want to protect them and shelter them at a time when they need more freedom.  But I know we’re raising them to be good people, and I’m forever hopeful we’re doing a good job at that!


I need music every day.  When I few days go by without my “headphones walk” I really feel a difference in my mood.  It’s weird, I know, but’s totally a thing for me.  I listen to the radio in the car and at work, but to be able to just walk and listen really helps keep me grounded, and in a good mood.  Music definitely makes me happy.


This is right up there with music.  If too many days go by without me cracking into a book I really feel it.  And reading blogs doesn’t count.  I don’t like digital reading, so I can only unwind with a book.  Reading books for reviews counts though.  Even if I’m not especially enjoying it, it’s still reading – and escapism!

Getting up before my kids

This is a weird one.  I LOVE to sleep.  I would go to bed at 8pm if I could get away with it.  (That never happens – I mainly blog after the kids are in bed!)  But there’s something about getting up, brewing some coffee, and having the quiet house all to myself for 5 minutes before the girls get up.  Last summer I actually got up after the girls on Saturdays, did up the coffee, and then took my book and my mug outside and sipped my coffee on the deck until I felt guilty for not getting the girls breakfast yet.

Make Me Happy


A good thunderstorm is easy entertainment for me.  I love to watch the clouds roll in – sometimes I try to get creative with my photography – and I hope every day that a thunderstorm will develop.  I’ve always been fascinated by weather.

Nikon D7300 – My next camera!


Capturing images to share is a hobby of mine.  I’m working hard to develop that “eye” that you need to take stunning photos.  But I love toting my big camera around to grab shots of anything and everything.  My camera (a Nikon D90) does get a bit heavy around my neck after I’ve been carrying it for a few hours!


I love pizza.  My mom will tell you “Jessica can eat a whole pizza!” (She shared this tidbit with my brand new friend in grade 9 the first time I had her over to my house.  I was mortified!  But, she was right…)  I also love the idea of not having to cook something to eat.  Pizza is the ultimate symbol of “I don’t have to make anything tonight” and I love it!


Planting living things and watching them thrive really makes me happy.  It’s a bit like having babies and watching them grow into lovely little people – though on a much smaller scale.  I especially love vegetable gardening.  This year my seeds all got eaten when they were barely sprouts and I can’t get anything to grow from seed.  But my tomatoes and green peppers are thriving so I will have something to show for my work this year!


10 Things That Make Me Happy - A Modern Mom's LifeI know this is a cliché blogger answer, but it’s true.  When I feel the urge to write I can sit for hours and do it.  My husband wants to know when I’m going to write my book.  I’m not writing a book.  I have no stories in my head.  But writing this real life, mom life, tips to support and help others stuff is so great for me!  Of course there are some days where it’s like pulling teeth to get a post laid out, but most of the time it’s relaxing and I really enjoy it!


Those are 10 things that make me happy.  I would love to hear some things that make you happy!  (Or if you enjoy some of the same things as me, let me know that too!)

I’m tagging Anne at Once Upon a Mom, Jessie at Her Arms Are Strong, Michelle at Most Awesome Mom, Juli at Mostly Caffeinated, Arlene at The Everything Mommy, Tina at Dream Free Art, Krystal at Lattes & Little Hugs, and Inez at For The Love Of Mom.  Don’t forget to tag me in your posts ladies.  And have creating your own lists!



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  1. this is a fantastic blog Jess, and thanks for sharing. I know most of those things about you and might have learned a thing or two… You forgot dance however 😉 I know how much you enjoy this as well. But mostly I just want to say thank you for being you, you make my work day so enjoyable and I thank you for that.

    1. I wouldn’t say I “forgot” dance – I just post about it so much on it’s own I chose to come up with 10 different things. And I’m so glad to hear I make your workdays more enjoyable – ditto for me!

  2. This was such a fun challenge!There is just something about having time to yourself in the morning that make the whole day seem a little more peaceful.
    Thanks for sharing the happiness. 🙂

  3. Lovely list 🙂 I can’t agree with you on the storms, cause they cause so much damage and flooding down here, but I do agree they are amazing to watch and photograph. And yes, getting up before the kids so you have some you time, totally get it, though usually sleep wins.

    1. Thanks Julie. We are in a high water state here now (and have been since May) so storms are not high on many people’s lists right now. But there is something about the awesome power of storms that I totally love!

    1. There was a time I would have to get up at 5am to be up before Rose. Now she doesn’t get up until 6:30 – so there are many days I don’t get up first. But I do love it when they sleep in and I’m able to naturally wake up before them. Admittedly those days are few and far between, but also a lot more numerous than they were a few years ago!

  4. I love everything about your list! I can relate with so much that you wrote. It was so much fun getting to know more about you and your beautiful family from reading your post. Thanks again for tagging me. I absolutely loved this challenge, and can’t wait to share the joy with other bloggers!

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