Horrible Burden: short story from Grade 10 English

hands of a man unlocking car trunk with a key

I am publishing some of my “early writings” – pieces from high school that I’ve rediscovered in basement bins.

I have realized that I now have to rid myself of a horrible burden — the body in the trunk of my car.

I discovered it this morning when I went to put my books in the trunk so I could go to school. But now I’m not going to school. I have to get rid of this body.

I’m going to drive and drive and drive to the remotest spot I can find, and dispose of it there.

What am I going to do with it? Good question. I think it would be easiest to burn it, but it still has to be concealed, in case someone happens to come along.

I think I will gather up small twigs, leaves, and big branches. I will put a few branches on the ground and then lay the body on top. Next, I will cover the body with the leaves and small twigs and set them alight. The leaves should create some smoke which will help me conceal the body.

That is my ingenious plan, and now I am off to set it into action.

Originally untitled — written Sept 1995

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