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June 2018 – My husband and I have decided to be a family of photographers.  While you will still see mainly my photos, there is a good chance my husband’s photos will appear on my blog and social media as well.  In order to affect this change, I will be changing my watermark from to Foley Photography.  Rest assured it is still me and my family – just a slight change to the way we’re running things now.

Are you looking for some photos to round out your blog post?  Or do you need photographs taken of your newly remodelled or decorated business or home?  Take a look through my galleries for ideas and inspiration!  I am available for hire locally in the Kingston, Ontario area.  If travel is required my rates will reflect that.

My Photo Albums

While most photographers focus on portraits or weddings, we capture the everyday things.  Ordinary locations or events are my passion.  Candid photos can really capture a moment, a look or a beautiful day.

All my photos are for sale and all are available without my watermark. I am currently charging $25 for digital images with my watermark, and will create packages on request.  Contact me for further pricing and licensing.


While I am expanding my portfolio I am looking for local(ish) opportunities.  If you have an event, attraction or location within a few hours of Kingston, ON, contact me to discuss dates and pricing.

If you’re interested in working with me for blog collaborations or reviews, jump over to my Work With Me page and see what I have to offer!

Interested in viewing my photography posts?  This link will take you to my Photography category.  I am happy to travel and take photos of your event, business or attraction as well.  Contact me for rates and collaboration ideas, or complete the form below.

Most of my photos are taken with a Nikon D500 (or my older D90), but if you’d like to visit my Instagram page you’ll see my “spur of the moment” photos captured on my Asus ZenPhone.

I am now on ShutterStock!  Visit my profile and let me know if you like what you see.  They have stringent restrictions, so I can’t put up all my great photos, but if you are already a member there, look up my images!

Contact me to discuss my photography:

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