Adagio Teas new branch, Lardera, offers coffee ‘direct from farmers’

Coffee. Some call it the elixir of life. I just call it my go-to morning beverage. And now I have more choice when it comes to deciding where to buy my coffee!

For the last 20 years, Adagio Teas has worked to establish itself as a premier source of gourmet tea. I have been drinking Adagio Teas since 2017, and have never been disappointed. With a large variety of flavours, special seasonal blends, and quick and friendly service, Adagio has tea for everyone.

And now, with tea safely under its belt, Adagio said it felt it was time to venture into new territory… coffee.

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With all of the same care and passion that made Adagio Teas such a great success, it now brings you Lardera Coffee Roasters. According to a release from Adagio, Lardera aims to provide the same reliable quality that Adagio customers have come to depend on.

After its soft launch in November 2021, Lardera has great expectations for its new line of coffee and coffee gear, according to the release. It will offer a range of coffee varietals and grind sizes to suit both the casual drinker as well as the connoisseur.

Currently, Lardera offers four single-origin medium roasts, all sourced directly from Costa Rica farmers. I was provided with a sample of each of these roasts, and can personally attest to the freshness and vibrancy of the flavours.

Truth be told, I’ve never thought of coffee as having “flavours”, but these roasts do! They are fresh with no bitterness, and they taste just like the descriptions. Notes of fruits and cocoa are there, and I have never tasted such a variety of flavours in a coffee before.

According to the release, Lardera’s “direct from farmers” advantage bypasses brokers and middlemen. This allows them to source the freshest beans while ensuring the farmers receive the largest percentage of payment. Each farmer is highlighted with their own unique “know your farmer” profile. Read about how they got started in the industry and what makes their coffee special.

And what would exceptional coffee drinking be without equally good coffee gear? Lardera also offers everything from grinders and scales, to pour-over carafes and cold brew pitchers. I did not sample any gear, but I love the modern look of it all. I have an induction cooktop, and so cannot heat glass carafes (which I didn’t consider when purchasing the oven!) so I’m sticking with my automatic coffee maker for now!

The sample beans in my grinder. This lasted me two mornings!

The sample-sized pouches of Lardera coffee start at $3, and one lasted me two mornings. It worked out to approximately 4 decent sized mugs of coffee per pouch. Much cheaper than getting coffee ‘to-go’! And the genius here is you can sample all the flavours and then order a full-sized bag of your favourites!

Check out the selection on the Lardera website, and then tell me:

How do you take your coffee?

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