Champion’s Rising by SF Claymore

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Champion's Rising


Champion’s Rising, by SF Claymore, is the first book in what will be a fantasy series.  This book has a lot of character development and introductory scenes.  I felt like there was a lot going on in parts and things got a little muddy for me, but as a “first” book I think the potential is there for the rest of the series.


Plot Synopsis

Prince Snarmis, a tall, godlike young man, is not the warrior his father would like him to be.  He enjoys the peaceful nature of the forest creatures more so than the life of a prince and warrior.

During one of the prince’s visits to the Vorlian Forest, Serenity, the daughter of the tribe leader, returned to the royal city with him.  Once they return to the city rumours of war become more than just rumours.

War breaks out, Snarmis finds a talisman to help him become a better warrior, and Serenity is a great help to the tribes.  There’s a twist (of course) but the fighting in this book is only the beginning.  Can the demons be right – that the Ultimate Evil can not be defeated?



Champions Rising has a lot of characters with complicated (and sometimes similar) names – I got lost a few times trying to keep things straight.  There are various lands with their own rulers, and complicated politics that are thrust upon the reader.

Champion's Rising Book ReviewFor a book at the beginning of the series, the author fits a lot of characters and situations into this novel.  If it was trying to be a stand alone story I would be annoyed that nothing is quite fleshed out enough.  As a base, it’s managable, but I still found there to be too much going on for a single story.



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